WK elevator kit, Jeep Grand Cherokee, WK 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2009, suspension lift 2010 (2023)

There is really no debate about itextremely4 Wheeling catches our attention and it's really great to see.

But let's be honest, this type of link doesn't have to use your platform to drive to work every day, order or even take it on the way over the weekend.

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In addition to the elevators, observe the rockrails rro in the two photos below.
Look this ......

John Goike is now running his big 265/70R17 Goodyear tires

James Takeuchi Above and Left ... It is on Ultra Goliath Wheels 17x8, Pro Comp Extreme Mud Terrans 265/70 R17

Joes Jeep and plays the Little Creek Ridge track.

Although the 4 -wheel end on the cold scale is very high, it is also very low on a practical scale. It is where Rocky Street occurs.Let's have fun and maybe even see your videos, but we know what people in the real world are doing ... and let's be honest, how silly it's once in stock.The conclusion is that most people want larger tires for a much better look and a little free space for occasional weekend walks.

If this describes, the rock road has the answer. Nosso Grand Cherokee 2005-2010 is easy to install, you hold the inventory spring feathers and do not ruin your vehicle. After installing a rock elevator, it will still have the same safe handlingand reasonable in your daily driver.

Our kit uses a steel spacer assembled with its rear broth sources. This eliminates the problem today with many market systems for jeeps ... rigid sources. Most companies choose the lowest offer by increasing the production of their sources,This means that the customer usually depends on a trip worse than the actions. Norly system maintains their factory springs, so that their driving quality and stress capacity does not decrease.

(Video) HOW TO: Jeep Grand Cherokee OME 2" HD Lift Kit Install (2005-2010 WK)

WK elevator kit, Jeep Grand Cherokee, WK 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2009, suspension lift 2010 (7)Grand Cherokee WK Jeep elevation kits

We also include an outdoor outdoor spacer of full steel for front suspension. This elevation component is installed outside the factory brackets and therefore avoids suspension effort. All kits that can stumble harm the vehicle so much that itDirection is very uncomfortable. We design this design with the IFS Jeep Strut system and hatred absolutely the driving quality. The external support configuration does not compensate.Control arm.

Our external support design is also an advantage for those who do they want to experience luck in their own installation. They pointed out that the installation of this elevator was really easier than any other jeep on the market, including Cherokee, Wrangler, CJ, etc.This is the simplest jeep on the planet to install an elevator. Therefore, you are not shy if you want to try your own hand. Installation Manual is easy to read and is delivered with photos that need to follow.

However, if you want to buy new clashes, Rocky Road uses only our exclusive rocky engineering shock absorbers, such as the top collision of your jeep.

Inventory shock absorbers are marginal right now. Equipped with our rocky shock shock absorber engineering. A great option because they are perfectly built for the average weight of the Grand Cherokee and not for vehicles with a weight of thousands of pounds.

The rocky road lift kits are also available with adjustable rear 9000 rear shock absorbers. This high shock per day is a regular journey through the city, slightly more serious or difficult use. Adjustable ranch shock absorbers are goodUpdate for those who want more flexibility and control over their journey and handling.

(Video) Lifted 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 5.7 4x4 - 4 inch lift kit, roof rack, vented hood

Grand Cherokee Lift Kit, WK

We know that Rocky Road 2.25 "in the elevator as the best driving suspension on its Grand Cherokee market finds the best driving supply and has not only been designed for maximum performance, but also the maximum driving quality with our external supports - Spacers.

On the left is the incredible Grand Cherokee of Lucas Jackson,
And here is a note that sent us with the photo ...
"She has 05 weeks with her elevator, 265/70/17 BFG in .. continue with a good job."

Click on the image to get a larger view.

We received many questions about the size of the tires with this elevator.
The answer is ... There is no single answer. Wheel size and back can make the biggest or more difference than tire size. The ankle set design means that the rooms close the width for tire configurationBig.If our elevator generates the vertical height required, you should observe the width and carefully at the back.

For this reason, we cannot declare or ensure that a tire/wheel size is adjusted. We can show photos of other Rocky Road customers and determine this use. However, we recommend the installation of the elevator and the creation of a workshop testTires.At a front tire because there is a problem. Every tire business where your company performs a test on your business (you don't have to drive it, you will know it with the parked value).

(Video) BIG Tires on a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK ~ 2 Inch Spacer Lift (How To) and Pinch Seam Mod

Awordontallerlifts ...We received calls and emails from people who have raised their WK Grand Cherokee with 3-4 lifting kits and have important problems with alignment, axle durability and other transmission problems.It really knows and doesn't find help in companies that originally sold the elevators ... Finally, make your way to Rocky Road for help.We explain the dangers to increase more than 2.5 ". What our first tests about transmission damage and alignment problems showed. And why our systems avoid these expensive complications. So buy an appropriate/correct kit from Rocky Road, andAll problems are solved. If you examine the options, do a favor and headache, expenses and problems leave out other systems and do it directly from the start, choose Rocky, the street. Otherwise, in the end... You can still go with us and buy with us to solve someone else's problems.

We also have questions about how our kit is compared to cheap kits on the elevation tape. We are in charge of receiving regular calls and clients that found something that initially saved a few dollars in the purchase price, but they suffer from defective engineering in these kits.Solution known as the commander's experts is to eliminate pieces with a low reason, cause problems and correspond to the highest quality system that everyone knows best ... Rocks outfitters.

WK Grand Cherokee Lift Kit

Rocky Road's Grand Cherokee elevator cannot be defeated for driving quality, precision management, simplicity or price.We do not accept our word, so the elevators are the best.Rocky Road Elevator Kits 3 -For your jeep projects.Do not hesitate to send us an and email before considering a different suspension. We will be happy to explain why Rocky Road is the best.

John Ruth is beautiful and beautiful with rocky street lift
and supersliders.mud with the gentle permission of Killington Jamboree.

Click on a larger view.

(Video) Jeep Cherokee - Rough Country Lift Kit Installation

We offer new enhanced front dams to your Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Remember that this is not necessary when lifting your jeep. From the balls, however, we receive many questions about punctual shocks, and some only want a higher front brand while updating your suspension.world of world fame below.
Nothing is better treated, is more durable or better projected.

*Free terrestrial shipping is applied only to adjacent used states. International and accelerated prices are applied after ordering.

** The rear shock absorbers are urgently recommended, as rows shaking with our floatability are frank in the rear wheel suspension, so that front supports are recommended only if their current supports have more than 50,000 miles.

(Video) How to fix leaking Jeep Quadralift air shocks WITHOUT losing nitrogen. 11-17 Grand Cherokee WK2


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