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This article refers to suicide.

If a child is fascinated by animals in the United States, in particular exotic animals such as lions, tigers or bears, he probably has to thank Jack Hanna for spreading, promoting and increasing this interest in all main and impressive creatures.Dressed in a Bushman Bushman uniform, the television boy was on animals for animal facts, animal and animal stories.he appearedSeveral times in various interview programs (he was the favorite inDavid LettermanInterview programs), usually with a delicious baby animal to tow.

At least I was where I was not in a remote place that studied animals, filmed or advised on its multiple television series, such as "Jack Hanna Hanna Animal Adventures", "Jack Hannas Nature" and "Jack Hanna" and "Jack Hannas Adventures"of animals "and" Jack Hanna "and" Youth "the savage count of Jack Hanna.Running screen view and screen concernJack Hanna's life.

A child was mutilated in the Animal Protection Area of Jack Hanna

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One of Jack Hanna's first public companies was a place called Hannas Ark, an animal sanctuary on his family farm in front of his hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee, open to visitors.El Jackson Sun.) Hanna used the installation to accommodate many rare and exotic animals that she had exposed to the threat of extinction. As he said "Larry King vive"Decades later," I had animals for zoos throughout the country that took care of them. "

In July 1972, AP reported that a family friend took his three -year -old habitat around the lion habitat and then put his fingers into the cage, which led the great cat to bite and led with a huge and fast force,Remove your arm from the arm in the elbows. "And I had to look for my arm and he couldn't go back to the young man," said Hanna Zu King.

The wounded child's family sued Hanna. Settlement Columbus, they finally settled. According to Columbus, Hanna, and their family attracted the incident to floridallation. He also separated from most animals in Hanna's ark.

Jack Hanna saw several victims in connection with animals

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Jack Hanna not only wants to spread information about animals and love for nature and wild animals. If they are caused correctly, they can mutilate, mouth or kill.Larry King vive"He compared a wild animal with a" loaded weapon "and" can sound at any time. "

During filming in Namibia in April 2003, the local guide of Hanna decided to swim in a small lake. An invisible crocodile on the route under the water, attacked. The first crocodile swam and began the man's arm in a "second second".At the end of this year, when Hanna was fired in Tanzania, Hanna said.

Jack Hanna associated with a zoo where animals killed a person

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In 2011, a resident of Zanesville, Ohio, Terry Thompson, died because of suicide after publishing 50 exotic animals on his farm.NBC News.AfterGq, Thompson triggered "18 Tiger, 17 lions, 8 bears, 3 dots, 2 wolves, 1 bouin, [and] 1 monkey" (oPittsburgh Post-GazetteHe announced that Thompson intended with his animals after his death.The incident would be called a massacre in Zanesville.

As GQ emphasized, Jack Hanna was called.Zanesville is about 80 kilometers from the Zoo and Columbus Aquarium, where Jack Hanna served as emeritus director of the time and, as the magazine said, is "a reliable animal defender."WbnsThe decision to kill wild animals released in sight. The death of 49 was confirmed by the 50 animals, the main thing that happened throughout my career, "said Hanna Awbns." Here I save animals all my life and now I have toLeave animals.

If you or someone who knows you have suicidal thoughts, call national suicide prevention below 1-800-273-Fals (8255).

Jack Hanna's daughter, Julie, had leukemia at an early age

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According to hisOfficial websiteGiftJack Hanna and his wife Suzi HannaHe joined three daughters. The younger one, Julie Hanna, worked with his father at Columbus Zoo and served as an animal teacher.

At an early age, Julie and therefore the rest of the family faced a traumatic and terrible medical event.DEEPJulie, two years old, was diagnosed with fever leukemia. While she expected her results for two months and would receive several treatments for four years.

Part of the reason Jack accepted a job as director of the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, was that the Columbus Children's Hospital paid exemplary attention, thenWbns.

Julie Hanna suffered health problems until adulthood

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After years of intensive treatments, Julie Hanna survived a fight against child leukemia, but would have more physical and health problems in adulthood.DEEPThe student of Julie University in the second year "began to wake up early in the morning, vomited and felt very tired."The doctors he spoke to were not very concerned about the symptoms, but the symptoms did not disappear.Then Jack turned into Hanna into the oncologist's children's oncologist and this movement changed his life.

The oncologist confirmed family concerns. According to Denison Magazine, "when the doctor heard his symptoms, he immediately suspected the cranial pressure and ordered cats of cats and magnetic resonance imaging." They found "a huge tumor", which, which,,Although benign, it had to be removed immediately. The complicated and precarious operation was a success.In 2012, Julie was operated again, soWbns"To remove another benign brain tumor that could be related to radiation."At that time, they treated leukemia, "Hanna said about her recent treatment from andsuzu Hanna." He didn't do that anymore, but we have our daughter. "

Jack has not published his optimism. "I want to be happy all the time," he said in 2012 to WBNS. Shop his operation. "

Jack Hanna had many health problems

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Jack Hanna suffered and survived a quick consequence of health problems (and tedious solutions) in the 21st century. In silence, several background operations "laterColumbus officeJack also had two knee operations, and in 2018 he suffered a cardiac event. "Hanna ran to say the episode of The Heart, which was a heart attack and returned to work five days later."

After one of his two knee replacement operations, he left hisFacebookFollowers know that "it was much harder than he expected" and thanked his support.Haha) in rehab to ensure full recovery. "

Alzheimer forced Jack Hanna to retire

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Jack Hanna is now just over 70 years old, which is a natural moment and together for a person to reduce the speed personal and professionally. When he was left in 1992 as director of Zoological and Colombo Aquarius, he remained theOrganization -gate (and an animal media gadfly) until they were officially taken from their tasks in June 2020Columbus officeIn April 2021, the Hanna family made a statement (throughPRNewswire) In the name of Jack Hanna to announce that the teacher, the animal defender and the media personality would leave the audience immediately.

"Doctors diagnosed our father, Jack Hanna, with dementia, that it is supposed to be Alzheimer's disease" each of us could have predicted "and therefore the little star of the screen would be physically capable and make appearances on television."Unfortunately, Daddy can no longer participate in the audience as before, where people in the area around the area around the area around the audience can no longer participate, where he saw people from the area around the world, learned and laughed with him, "Said Hannas.

"While Daddy's health has quickly deteriorated, we can assure him that his great sense of humor continues to shine," his family said. "And yes, he still uses his coffee at home."


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