The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (2023)

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (1)

The crow

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (2)How does this overly dramatic but devilishly beautiful crow fare in 2022? Overall relatively good. My relationship with my partner continues to strengthen and I have made the long-awaited decision to move to a job that has allowed me to regain some work-life balance. While the latter came too late in the year to affect typing productivity in 2022, hopefully it will lead to more consistency in 2023.

But most importantly, in 2022, I explored two transcendentally excellent albums that would top any album of the year chart for years to come. Each pushes the boundaries of the genre in their fusion of extreme metal and orchestral music without suffering from the silly songwriting and production choices that plague common symphonic metal. I've already written a lot about this list and its articles, so go ahead.Archive Thatand dedicate at least the next twelve months to both.

The rest of my list is a terrible mix of "things I would normally like" and "things I would normally hate". Camp Above aligns with all things progressive, straddling that line of light and heavy, guiding me through contrasting compositions and detailed compositions.1. The latter covers genre territory I'm not generally comfortable with, including jazz fusion and Americana, thankfully not at the same time. When I think about it, each camp represents my penchant for dynamism and experimentation, so it was an exceptional year. We expect more in the next twelve months.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (3)#10.sumerian//killer dream– Fuck the haters; the expected return ofsumerianstones the way I wanted. While the debut was perfect with its pared-down lineup,killer dreamhe finds success in writing that references '80s radio rock and classic metal, using catchier synths and vocal hooks to sit alongside sharp guitars. Yet it's just as focused and precisely written, covering just 35 minutes of territory across eight tracks and tossing out slaughterhouse hooks in a neat package. It's a lot of fun, so it's exactly what a retro metal band should aspire to: cram great, fast songs into an infectious whole. Come, sit beside me and surrender.killer dream.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (4)#9.Kardashev//border rite– Although it might not be that amazingThe Discovery of Shadows,KardashevThe first full-length album in seven years continues to top nearly every 2022 release.border riteIt craves emotional devastation and comes pretty close to it, channeling the loss and loneliness of a (hopefully fictional) old man trapped in his own head. The music has a glossy, silky texture that polishes the roughest edges of death and black metal's core elements with powders and progressive rock. It dances deftly around the line of light and heavy, producing a sound that has an irresistible, buoyant quality.border riteit also achieves this through its coherence, which unfolds more like a continuous novel than a mere collection of songs. Although I have difficulty separating the tracks, I really enjoy the experience.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (5)#8.disappointment//PolloPollohe is the archetypal "creator".disappointmentThe melodies of are not immediately noticeable, and the highly adventurous composition initially lacked consistency and cohesion. Initially I thought it was a puzzling mess. But with time and repetition, melodic motifs pierced the chaos. Progressive structures became understandable when I started to assemble them.PolloComplete Course. Like my favorite progressive bands, each song is an independent journey. But stepping back from each one reveals the map of the entire album. All of this wouldn't be interesting if the songs weren't memorable, but they are pleasantly packed with crisp leads, varied vocals, dramatic transitions and great solos. It's an immensely detailed record that prides itself on layers and textures that the band clearly scrutinized. It is this attention to detail that keeps me coming back.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (6)#7.lathe//silver tongue– It says a lot that playing one of my favorite songs of the year (the firstlathesong I heard, "Vinegar") always leads to direct listeningsilver tongue.latheit has nothing to do with being on my best albums of 2022 list, considering it's an odd but compelling fusion of Americana, stoner metal, and drone; I generally don't like any of that. But their surprising diversity, from dreamy melodious tracks to gripping rockers, holds my attention from start to finish. It's not an album that overwhelms its listener through outrageous hooks or commanding riffs. Instead, it draws me in with its warm waves of distortion and purring folk melodies. It all adds up to a surprisingly catchy record that shows exactly why bands that push genre boundaries deserve credit for doing so.silver tongueonlycliques.

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The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (7)#6.midi negro//Hellfire- chaos. Craziness. Shit. Those are just three words to describe it.HellfireFrom londonmidi negro. Fusing prog rock, jazz fusion and all things avant-garde with cabaret and showtunes influences, this record is one of the most arrogant I've ever heard. Some tracks frame themselves like sporting events, literally making their music the star of the show, while others are heavily layered, not just instrumentally but thematically. They have different stories and protagonists, from homophobic army captains to explosive stage actors. I feel likeHellfireis so filled with fiercely incompatible musical stuff that it's on the verge of falling apart, butmidi negro in some wayhe holds it together; whether through silly musicianship or smarter harmonies, counter-melodies and dissonances. I really have no idea. All I know is that it features some of the most innovative music, but more importantly, some of the funniest music of 2022.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (8) abstract illusion//Weh– Veteran readers will know that I am a greatOpethNerd and there is usually at least one album influenced by this band on my list. Although my first choice is the best example of the year, with people likeKardashevydisappointmentsupport to-an abstract illusionand your irrepressibleWehhe takes it alone.Wehis a dark and dark version of progressive death metal that explores long compositions, detailed compositions and emotional depths to create a superior release. On an album like this, a lot depends on great production, pacing and transitions to balance heavy and light passages, textures and melodies. Final gulps "In the Heavens Above, You Will Become a Monster" and "This Torment Has No End, Only New Beginnings" exemplify these qualities through 24 minutes of masterful prog music and close on a surprisingly grim note. I feel compelled to listen to it again and again and I haven't stopped listening to it since he hooked me.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (9)#4.old sun//Silent Prayers (Redux)– Between the heaviness of metal, synthwave melodies and the insolence of whatever it ismidi negroIt is,old sunthey slowly but steadily climbed my list over the year.Silent Prayer (Redux)it drinks heavily from minimalism and offers a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the maximalism of my usual taste in music.old sunchampioning the common but often overlooked virtues of gratitude, hope and self-reliance, weaving short but life-affirming stories with simple tools and melodies. Generous compositions often consist of layered patterns of guitar, piano and synthesizer strings and rug-like textures, providing a comfortable and supportive base. The songs here quickly and deeply settled into my psyche, offering me an emotional release from the first time I heard them; my adoration no doubt backed up by an extremely repeatable 30-minute runtime. In summary? Post-rock perfection.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (10)#3.Midnight//heroesMidnightthey have become a powerful force in synth music, transcending their retrowave roots into something more. It's easy to hear why; Its hooks are impressively catchy, from the vocals to the synths and guitars. But as the band's fan base grew, so did their ambitions.heroesIt goes the furthest distance of a previous release in its discography and keeps a love of arena, indie and alternative rock records at heart. "Brooklyn. Friday. Love." wouldn't be out of place in the top 40, while "Change Your Heart or Die" blatantly mimicsVanHalenThe most iconic edition of the 80's. But balancing these markers of development are closer strokes of what came before.Midnighthe never falters with his ballads, so unsurprisingly "Heart Worth Breaking" and "Aerostar" are my favorites, while slower, choppy synths gently open and close the flow on "Golden Gate" and "Energy Never Dies, It Just Transforms." . This band is as good as it is reliable.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (11)#2.that one//first war- The observer among you can noticefirst warDates December 2021. A year ago my intuition told me thatthat onedeserved top prize, but the literal days between posting and completing my list item forced me to moderate its rating. As it turns out, the nearly twelve-month period has produced only one superior album. Most bands with similar songwriting aspirations identify as symphonic black metal, but Horace Rosenqvist does.2he almost transcends metal with his unique songwriting skills.that oneit features arrangements much closer to classical in scale and execution, while still harnessing the fire and fury of black metal in its heaviest moments. Duringfirst warWhile on the surface it's comparable to other symphonic metal bands, it's much closer to a classic movie soundtrack, oscillating between bombastic climaxes and harrowing subtlety. Records like this remind listeners that music is the ultimate art form.

#1.Wilderun//epigone- Such asfirst war, heard about the epic for the first time.epigonein December 2021. As of this writing, a year has passed, more than enough months to appreciate the majesty of what has been achieved here. For the third record in a row, my expectations were exceeded by one of the best bands to ever play guitar. My only (concurrent) 5.0/5.0 in over eight years of writing should say a lot, but in case you need something more convincing,epigoneprides itself on the high-quality progressive and symphonic extreme metal that has largely characterizedWilderunSound since 2015. This time they rely more on atmosphere and subtlety to convey calm and introspection, resulting in a more austere and dramatic songwriting style, as these passages stand out compared to the heavier Crest. These dynamic contrasts are not only beautiful, but also downright captivating. I feel like I couldn't ask for moreWilderunbut I'm still giddy with excitement over what might come next.

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  • marillion//One hour before dark- BothmarillionStudio Albums of the 2010s arguably offer the best progressive rock of the last decade.One hour before darkIt doesn't live up to its sheer emotional power, but the band's credible quality and surprisingly hopeful message make this release an easy recommendation for Prog nerds.
  • White District//wrong light– Although there was an honorable mention, I can't help but feel disappointed in her.wrong lightGiven thefailed love exchangewas one of my favorite black metal albums of the last 10 years.wrong lightlost some of the characteristics of somber majesty, howeverWhite Districtthey remain one of the strongest and rarest bands in the scene.
  • geist//REGULARMidnightaren't the only group to reveal their love of '80s hair metal in 2022. A Purist's Nightmaregeist, returned with a predictably fun collection of catchy rockers. If the whole record had been as good as the first half,queenit would have been closer to the top of my list.

Songs of the Year:

  1. Wilderun- "IDENTIFICATION"
  2. Midnight- "It's worth breaking the heart"
  3. sumerian- "Heaven Above"
  4. lathe- "Vinegar"
  5. geist- "Call me little sun"
  6. Josh Dally- "London"
  7. AWARD- "All the way"
  8. an abstract illusion– “This torment has no end, only new beginnings”
  9. limit- "Let it burn"
  10. Comida Houkago– „Houkago Grind Time Cares“

tale of gardens

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (13)Most years, it was easier to write those few paragraphs throughout the year. I keep rambling on about how I'm doing this year, how's the music this year, thank you A and B and C thank you good night. Not this year though, as I'm staring at a blank paragraph and can't get started. It's a bit symbolic for this year. Life started again, I went to many concerts, festivals and other events, made new friends and played more Dungeons and Dragons than ever before. But my performance as a writer dropped dramatically, just over 20 articles, less than half of all previous years. It actually took me about a month and a half to recharge, although it only seemed to help temporarily and soon I started missing deadlines more and more often.

I really don't know the reason for this depression. The paragraph above sounds like I've been very busy, but I haven't; I had enough time and decided to spend it in another way. The year's music performance was also not below average; In fact, I consider this to be one of the strongest years since I started writing for AMG. Not only was a lot of great music released, but it was spread out a bit throughout the year instead of focusing on the fall. So I can't give a specific reason why I've been dragging my feet all year.

But maybe you don't have to. It is part of the natural cycle of life that interests come and go. I'm hardly the only writer who slows down or completely stops production; As you can see, my listing partner has been rated poor for the last four years.EisenI was overwhelmed with extracurricular activities this year. But we have a good group of young people who are getting the better of us tired veterans and it was a joy to have them on board. But there's one thing you don't have to worry about: I'm not going anywhere.3Maybe next year I'll go back to my old groove; I might fall further (I hope not). But i wont give up. I love this site and I love writing for it. I love your hardworking copywriters who kept my forever retarded butt from looking too awful. I love your writers and our monthly video chat is up and running after the lockdowns. And I love your readers. Yes. I love each one of you. Personal, deep and intimate. Thanks for reading and see you next year.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (14)#ish.Ashenspire//enemy architecture– Although some people exploit this album because it's too similar to him.a forest of stars, such subtleties do not bother me. Mainly because I didn't listen to much.a forest of stars. Mirenemy architectureit's just a great album that tries and manages to do something different. Who needs vocals when an irate Scotsman can scream into a microphone about complex social issues while the whole crowd descends into a dissonant cacophony mixed with thunderous saxophones?

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (15)#10.GGGOLDDD//This shame shouldn't be mine– Man, this album had a different impact. Of course, there were other albums that dealt with the writers' own trauma, even as specific as sexual assault. butGGGOLDDDhe's kept the music relatively accessible while being brutally direct with the lyrics, and the combination creates an album that stays in the back of your mind for a long time. Seeing it performed in full at Roadburn this year only deepened my respect for Ms. Eva transformed into deeply conflicting art.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (16)#9.Eternal//Legacy of the Rising SunEternalit will be such an easy win for me. Whenever I see a new record coming, I can smile and wave knowing that another record of the month will pass through my hands.Legacy of the Rising Sunit makes three for three in that regard. It might not be an exciting surprise, but it says a lot about Canadian consistency; without getting bored or retracing your steps. Wrapping the new album in an epic story is just icing on the cake; even without them, the power of songs like "Where the River Bends" would speak for themselves.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (17)#8.feed me with the waves//What is more– Post-rock helped me appreciate instrumental records.explosoes no CEUit was my first, but over the years I've picked favorites that pop up regularly.feed me with the wavesis the latest addition to this collection. It is a beautiful and spacious slab that uses structures and textures similar toThe explosionbut paint with larger strokes, resulting in rippling soundscapes and bright fields perfect for dreaming.

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The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (18)#7.sonda de 40 watts//perfect light– It's funny how some artists aren't necessarily attractive on the surface and wait for the right time and place to catapult them straight into your heart. this happened to mesonda de 40 watts, which later expanded into a deep appreciation for nearly all of Patrick Walker.perfect lightIt is yet another beautiful album by the singer with the saddest sound of the scene. It's still as slow and thoughtful aswider than the sky, but a little richer, with more use of the piano and even some female backing vocals. If the previous album contained the sadness and loneliness of losing a loved one, this one has a melancholic bent to reflect on the memories made together, with little rays of warmth that chase away the deepest shadows.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (19) Saberlight Chronicles– If ever there was an antithesis to thissonda de 40 watts, must becommunity. This is by far the most serious and happy album I've heard this year and it might top all my top 10 lists so far. And even if the comments section thinks otherwise, I think that's a good thing. While I don't think it's iconic as I have some doubts about the length and the singer, there's an incredible joie de vivre that is irresistible and melts away any weary rage barriers. Heck, I can't be skeptical about anything while Hearts Upon the Hill is on!

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (20) was darker//Who am I Weinstock?it was darkerHe was part of the first group of bands I discovered when I was discovering AMG. It took a while for them to produce a sequel, but it was worth the wait. The floodplains alone are worth the entrance fee, but there are no flaws here. It has the grandeur of an opera without a real orchestra, even for its vocal power. It's grand, dramatic, and catchy, and it's packed with great hooks. He scratches theOriginallypicaOriginallyHe hasn't scratched himself in years. I just hope it's not another eight years until the next one.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (21)#4.geist//viscera– This was one of the last additions to my list. The namegeistI had been buzzing down the hall for a while when I got there and had no idea what to expect. What I got was the most tectonic, colossal, and destructive piece of the HM2 wreck I've heard in years.viscerait's like a steamroller slowly crushing me into a bed of glass. What really surprised me though is that it sometimes turns on the nitro and drag racing while I'm still trapped under the axle. In the end, the title of the album makes a lot of sense. I feel like I look like him.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (22)#3.very very very//– It's been a pleasure to be back at festivals and Roadburn was the first one I went back to in April. However, not everyone knows the story.very very veryit wouldn't exist without Roadburn, and in my freshman year, I missed the first performance due to a block lineup. But I always felt that Gagneux's project wasn't living up to its potential, with all sorts of strange electronic interludes and metal and spirituality often switching places rather than merging. But not anymore. Gagneux eventually perfected his bizarre blend of black metal and slave anthems that shouldn't work, but it did. Armed with his polyphonic montage as a weapon and driven by the transgressions of history,very very veryit's captivating, dark and totally unique.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (23)#2.Kardashev//border rite- I've been watching him.Kardashevfor years but never got the complete connection I was looking for. Since I don't deal much with EPs, I stayed asleep.The Discovery of Shadows, an. butborder ritegrabbed my throat from the first turn and every time after that. I love the balance of melody and aggression, the highly varied vocal approach, and the clever layering. What I like best is its emotional core. Some might call it melodramatic, but I disagree because the drama feels serious and earned, anchored on the bare bones of a story of separation, self-destruction, and atonement.KardashevI finally made the album I was waiting for.

#1.disappointment//PolloPolloit is not a common record. It is an immersive experience, an eclectic journey through the caverns of the soul that struggles against admiration, fear, loneliness and desire, a challenge to put aside all doubts, cross the border and enter the unknown. From the amazing suite 'On the Abyss' to the soulful 'From the Embers', there's an arc of self-exploration and expression that ties the tracks together, with the narrowest part serving as an effective ethereal epilogue. Along the journey, we find hatred in the punishing "Storm", fear in the face of adversity when we meet "Abide the Storm", and hope blossoming in "Longhope". Wrapped in a cocoon of incredible musicianship and impeccable songwriting, I couldn't givePolloAll but my first 5.0/5.0, and it's well deserved. Without a doubt, Head and Shoulders and Navel is also the best album of 2022.

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (24)

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  • an abstract illusion//Weh– Although he is strong,Wehnever boring, with long compositions that still flow naturally.
  • boreal//delusions– Powerful, dramatic and with solid hooks,delusionssurpasses its main inspirationImmergrauon all fronts.
  • hat//all that was promised– A bombastic club, hitting brilliantly.
  • king buffalo//Regenerator- going up and down,Regeneratoris the perfect key to itking buffaloThe impressive trilogy of.
  • inflamed tissue//modern primitives– Stronger hooks and focus make this one of the best.inflamed tissues best albums to date.
  • tomatoes//Ashes in the realms of stone icons.- An excellent mix of progressive meloblack with great hooks and a nice characteristic bass.
  • White District//wrong light– It's a little, but that's the appeal. Deep, dense black mesh for the jazz club.

Non-metallic album of the year:

The GardensTale and El Cuervo end of year lists are here! (25)parkinson mayor//Valesa Pt. 1: velvet prison– It's hard for me to talk about this album. Not because it involves any kind of trauma, but because it's hard for me to understand why it's one of my most played albums this year. It's also hard to describe the music.Valesa Pt. 1it's an incredibly versatile offering, a soulful melancholy mix of art rock, prog and synthwave, sometimes even dipping into gospel. But his intentionally retro styles are undermined by the painful melancholy ofnotch caveyLeonard Cohen, while painting a vivid picture of the 80s, its neon tights barely covering the harrowing paranoia and fragile gap between mindless wars. But even that rich tapestry darkens and unravels into a tense madness as the album progresses, J-pop's anachronistic influences sweating feverishly alongside the encroaching punk and metal guitars that momentarily transform the insult of utopia into a frenetic dystopia. . It's a strange and beautiful album that defies rational analysis, but few metal albums have had such an impact on me this year.

disappointment of the year

Devin Townsend//light work“I got Flak for it, but I keep it.Devin Townsendoflight workIt had promises, and here and there that promise pays off, but they are exceptions in a monotonous swamp of vaguely cheerful things.

Songs of the Year:

  1. parkinson mayor– “Jonas”
  2. disappointment- "Not abyss"
  3. Tersivel- "Continue"
  4. it was darker– “Flooded areas”
  5. Kardashev– „Grab-Lied composition“
  6. inflamed tissue- "Storm Approaching"
  7. Eternal- "Where the river meanders"
  8. disappointment- "Of the Embers"
  9. very very very- "The book"
  10. sonda de 40 watts- "A thousand miles"
  11. geist- "King of Horror"
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