Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (2023)

Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (1)

Replacement Tire Setup for the 3rd Gen Tacoma - From Dedicated Tire Mounts to Wide Clearance Bumpers and More! Inspiration for truck building 2023

Topic of the week: Adjusting the spare tire

Welcome back to the all new Taco Tuesday! Last week we saw howMOLLE storage panelCan be used on your entire truck. This week, we take a look at how Tacoma owners can increase ground clearance and storage space by carrying a spare tire.

Whether you're moving your spare tire for aesthetics or function, there are several popular options. Let's take a look at why you should consider migrating your backups and what your options are!

spare tire settings

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Why add a spare tire?

Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (2)

There are many advantages to moving the spare tire from its factory location on the body.

One of the reasons, if not the most beneficial, is that it improves the availability of the spare tire in case of an emergency or unexpected puncture. By moving the spare tire, you save yourself the trouble of crawling under or maneuvering heavy equipment, which saves time and effort when changing tires.

Moving the spare wheel also increases ground clearance. This reduces the risk of potential injury when traversing rough terrain or over obstacles. Clearance is very important when doing any type of off-road engineering, and you don't want to risk damaging the safety net.

Another reason to move the spare tire is after the tire has grown in size. Anything significantly larger than the factory tire size will not fit in the factory position.

Ultimately, a spare tire holder or portability provides comfort, versatility and an enhanced off-road experience.

1.Brad Lehman (@southeastoverlanding) – Melipron

Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (3)

Spare tire details

  • Reservedæk Melipron Universal

tell us about your preferences

I'd like to bring a spare because it's likely to get punctured, bent or otherwise damaged when it bottoms out on things like rocks and logs.

Having a spare tire is essential when landing, as the chances of returning with a flat tire without a spare are almost zero. Reinstalling the spare protects it from damage and allows you to fit a full size spare which is important to me as I run 33s.

At this point in my build I am not ready to install the swing tire rear bumper as the setup and cost is much greater and I often put things on the bed. One of the companies that supported my build was Melipron and they are a great generic tire replacement. Fits all tires and wheels and mounts to most roof racks, bed frames, MOLLE panels and more.

2. Austin Bend(@sr5life) – fartrem

Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (4)

Spare tire details

  • Speed ​​​​belt 3-way clamping (up to 37" tires)

tell us about your preferences

The main reason I want to carry a spare is for cleanliness, aesthetic reasons and the nostalgic look of a Prerunner spare!

The belt is flawless, especially since any Prerunner knows you use a speed belt. I use 3-way bindings for tires up to 37". I have holes in the bed so I can technically put it in two different places. In the photo above, the spare wheel is mounted near the front of the bed. This allows me to use more of my bed every day.However, I can also place it backwards near the tailgate behind the rear axle.

In the picture you will notice that the wheels are tilted. Below is my Plano case where I keep all my exhaust and exhaust tools. The strap holds the tire and the case perfectly.

I do this mostly for the distance from the departure angle, but it also makes it super easy to top up my spare parts if necessary. In the end I bought a solid thick bike lock cable kit from my local HF to keep it secure while parked!

3. Nicholas Gonzalez(@nickg_trd) – C4 building

Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (5)

Spare tire details

  • C4 Fabrication Overland Series High Clearance Rear Bumper

tell us about your preferences

After a while without an aftermarket rear bumper or having a safe way to install a large spare, I knew it was time to consider investing in a product to meet these needs.

Having run many off-road courses for my team, I have witnessed a lot of house and factory damage. Most of these incidents involve rear bumpers and tricky take off scenarios! After much research, I feel the C4 Fabrication bumper is the most reliable option.

If you've seen their products in person, you'll notice that their welds and overall ("overbuilt") engineering is flawless compared to their competitors' products. That's not to say there aren't other great options out there, but the C4 Fab is amazing.

I hope this upgrade protects the rear end and nightstand while allowing for a greater departure angle. It also allows me to walk through different recovery scenarios with confidence! The optional swingarm is also solid and allows me to mount a large 35" wheel/spare wheel and various tools.

At the moment I don't have anything permanent next to my spare parts because the seasons dictate what I should bring. This could be extra propane for camping season, extra Rotopax tanks, etc. I also love the folding tables they offer!

It's large (fits easily on my shelf), but has room on the side for other things (currently my napkin transport shelf). When it is opened, the space between the back plate and the folding table is like an entire kitchen. I can easily make a nice meal at camp, or lunch on the go. Throw a trash bag solution in your backup and you're good to go!

Another thing I like about the bumper is the hidden hook bracket behind that tab - a must-have feature for me. The robust and highly modular scissor allows you to mount not only gears, but also the antenna of your choice (and even chase lights) on both sides. It is well thought out to use hidden lines with zipper tabs etc. I can't recommend this setup enough, it met my needs really well!

4. Ryan Tracy(@queencity_offroad) – DIY construction

Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (6)

Spare tire details

  • Backwoods Adventure Mods bagkofanger
  • DIY spare wheel (parts from 4XInnovations, Barnes 4WD and Custom Bent Tubing)

tell us about your preferences

I decided to upgrade to a swing bumper for two main reasons: availability and space. With 35" tires, I can't fit the spare back where it used to be. The only option left is to store the tires on the bed near the cab, which is inconvenient and takes up too much space.

I did not put any accessories on the floating bumper other than the tire rack. However, my future plans include adding a folding table and a double oil drum stand.

This setup proved very useful during camping and landing adventures. It allows me to easily maximize the available space in the bed of the truck. When I finally build my own RV with Ripcord, the floating bumper will no doubt be an invaluable addition to my setup.

Practicality aside, I like the way this setup enhances the look of the truck. The floating bumper really fills the vehicle and adds a touch of ruggedness and style that never fails to garner many compliments.

5. Scott Knowlas (@behorizonbound) – C4 building

Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (7)

Spare tire details

  • C4 manufactures overland bumpers with tire hangers

tell us about your preferences

I am looking to upgrade to an aftermarket rear bumper with more clearance and would like to be able to add tire carriers and any other accessories I want to add to the line. I ended up getting a C4 Fabrication Overland Bumper with Swingout Tires because C4 is a great company with quality products and craftsmanship.

Now I can mount a 33" spare wheel on the swing and still have room for two extra gas cans. I also plan to add a Hi-Lift bracket to the bracket.

I'm really impressed with the whole bumper/tire carrier setup. I scrape bumpers all the time so having a bumper with more clearance is great, I no longer scrape my spare bumper on rocks and dirt on the road.

6.David Shu(@davsuh) – CBI Off Road Factory

Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (8)

Spare tire details

  • CBI Offroad Fab High Clearance Dual Swing bagkofanger

tell us about your preferences

After upgrading from tire size to 35s I would easily have a full spare. The extra double pendulum means I can reach it if I need it in an emergency, and it doesn't take up too much space when I need to open the door.

I also use the spare as a mounting point for the Ghostwild Truck Ruck I use to pick up junk.

7. Victoria Page(@victorias_yota) – gives RIGd

Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (9)

Spare tire details

  • RIGd Provides Ultra Swing with cutting board

tell us about your preferences

When I first assembled my rig, I knew I wanted a way to carry the spare tire that wouldn't take up space in the bed of the truck. Then I found the RIG'd Ultraswing!

It gave me the extra space I was looking for without forcing me to compromise on the space I needed in my bed. This is one of my favorite mods and I can't live without it now.

final thoughts

Taco Tuesday: 7 spare wheel setups for the third generation Tacoma (10)

Another Taco Tuesday is over!

Now that we've looked at the different mobile spare tire options, it's time to upgrade your tires to conquer any terrain you may encounter. Join us next week to see 285S Tacomas. Famous oversized tires!

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