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Help your clients feel beautiful with a revolutionary, non-invasive beauty treatment.

Work that makes you happy and that brings about important changes in the beauty industry.

Increase your income Earn $400 to $1300 per treatment with this lucrative service

Expand your beauty skills to offer a range of services to your clients

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average treatment

$800 average treatment

annual salary

Annual income

1 per week

3 per week

5 per week

10 per week

41.600 $

124.800 $

208.000 $

416.000 $

*All income or earnings statements are estimates of earning potential only and there is no guarantee that your earnings will match the figures shown, which serve as examples. Treatment and average cost may vary by location, skill level and client.

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We partnered with him.academia particularto bring you an amazing plasma fibroblasts course

Sign up today!be one ofTHE FIRST IN YOUR CITYto learn about this revolutionary treatment that is revolutionizing the beauty industry

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No one likes premature aging of the skin. You can be your savior as you learn the process of skin tightening with fibroblasts. This unique skincare process tightens the skin to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Fibroblast Plasma Pens offer extensive training on this treatment method. If you want to improve the appearance of your customers in a few hours, contact us to enroll in our training program. You'll receive theoretical explanations and hands-on training from the best in the business.


Plasmafibroblasten-Trainingis enjoying increasing popularity thanks to its high success rate. It is one of the most advanced skin care procedures that removes fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin without painful surgery. At Fibroblast Plasma Pens, we offer extensive training on how to perform this procedure for our customers. Some of the areas that you need to treat during this skin tightening process are:

  • forehead and expression lines
  • Under eyes and drooping eyelids
  • mommy
  • nasolabials and cheeks
  • wrinkles around the eyes
  • axillas
  • Neck area and loose skin on the cheek.
  • Puppets and smoking lines

In addition to treating the wrinkled areas mentioned above, plasma fibroblast treatment also heals scars and stretch marks, acne scars, tattoos, skin blemishes and pigmentation.

Many dermatologists apply to our institute to learn about this process in detail. We guarantee that after completing the training you will have enough knowledge and experience to offer this treatment to your clients.

With our you can also study at homeonline training

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Plasma fibroblast training courses (3)

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Plasma fibroblast training courses (5)

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It is a revolutionary and ideal beauty treatment!!!

Fibroblast skin tightening treatment is a NON-invasive or NON-surgical procedure that does not use a scalpel or surgical instruments.

The fibroblast is basically an electrical arc transmitted through a small probe. This innovative technique cannot cause what is known as "overlifting", as it only affects the excess/loosening of the skin which returns to its "original state".

The procedure can only be performed by a certified specialist, and yes, you can become one.

ATTENTION: The most lucrative treatment in the entire beauty industry, the average hourly income is between $500 and $800.

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How it works?

The skin tightening treatment with fibroblasts uses a small electrical arc transmitted by a small probe. The probe itself does not penetrate or touch the skin.
Treated fabrics “coagulate” and “sublimate” and we avoid the propagation of unwanted heat into the environment. The principle is to ionize gases in the air to create a small electric arc, similar to a small lightning bolt, which allows you to treat areas of the epidermis affected by aesthetic problems without transferring unwanted heat to the surrounding areas.
The arch causes superficial damage to the upper layer of the skin and transfers heat to the lower layers of the skin. This causes new skin to create collagen and elastin fibers that can fade with age.

How long will the treatment last?

First, a local anesthetic (cream) is applied, which minimizes the risk of pain and numbs the treated area. The anesthetic takes effect 20 minutes after application. The procedure itself does not take much time, 20-30 minutes depending on the area. Duration of treatment (using anesthesia): 60-90 minutes.

Is special pre-treatment necessary?

No special pre-treatment is required. It is recommended not to apply cosmetic products (especially those containing alcohol) to the treated area. During the consultation, you should mention any recent cosmetic or surgical procedures.

Is the procedure painful?

Skin tightening with fibroblasts is a NON-invasive procedure with minimal levels of pain. It is almost painless as the treated area is numbed before treatment. After treatment, the treated area may be slightly red and some patients may experience swelling (only around the eyes). A small scab forms at the site of each spot. They should not be touched and you should wait 4-5 days for them to fall off on their own. During the procedure, clients may experience some discomfort, not actual pain, depending on the area of ​​the face/body treated.

Is the skin tightening treatment with fibroblasts right for me?

With the help of the fibroblast skin tightening instrument, it is possible to treat various skin problems (acne), achieve the "lifting effect" of sagging skin, correct or remove scars...
If you have any of the above conditions and do not wish to undergo a traditional surgical procedure, PRIVÉ Fibroblast Skin Tightening is the right solution for you.


  • upper eyelids
  • lower eyelids
  • neck stretch
  • medium facelift
  • To bend
  • worry lines
  • chicken feet
  • laugh lines
  • lip lines
  • abdominal skin reduction
  • Removal of age and sun spots (usually not on the face)

Can be performed on any area of ​​loose/loose skin

We DO NOT treat moles and moles!

Is the skin tightening treatment with fibroblasts safe?

The treatment is very safe because it is a non-surgical procedure. It has a negligible number of potential side effects and serious complications. The procedure is based on the natural stimulation of skin regeneration, so the excesses seen in the world of traditional surgery are not possible.
The treatment of sagging skin with fibroblasts has a very short duration, with an emphasis on aftercare, because if the client neglects the aftercare instructions, the treated area can suffer: inflammation, hyperpigmentation, scars…

Are there any possible side effects of skin tightening treatment with fibroblasts?

Fibroblast skin tightening treatment is an extremely safe procedure with virtually no or very few side effects. Possible side effects include inflammation, scarring or minor changes in skin pigmentation, which are very rare. It is very important that each client carefully follow the aftercare instructions. Post-treatment scabs are part of the treatment and will fall off after 4-5 days. Slight swelling around the eyes after treatment is normal and will subside after 3-5 days depending on the client's sensitivity.

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PRIVÉ Academy is proud to present the new After Care collection.

The collection consists of three healing creams used to


It is very important that we treat our skin well after each treatment.

cosmetic treatment so that we not only achieve great results, but also

protects us from complications.

All three creams are based on mild ingredients and can also be used, e.g.

other skin problems.

Don't choose the charcoal crust; it will go down in a few days

  • After the treatment, continue to apply the nourishing cream to the treated area during sensitive periods or when exposed to the sun, as it contains SPF and protects the treated area.
  • Avoid sauna, swimming pool, solarium or any type of activity that poses a risk of infection in the treated area
  • Be sure to protect the treated area from direct sunlight until the skin has fully healed (2 to 3 weeks).
  • Do not use products that contain alcohol or other fragrances.
  • Do not cover with plasters or coverings.

Can I wear makeup after the skin tightening treatment with fibroblasts?

Do not wear make-up after the treatment as it is normally non-sterile. In the first 5-6 days after treatment, until the scabs fall off, gently apply the antiseptic and nourishing cream to the treated area. If the scabs fall off, you can apply some makeup if needed, as the cream the therapist gives you contains skin powder that covers the scabs and blush.

Are the results visible immediately after the treatment?

The results are visible immediately after the treatment, but we must inform the client that the maximum results are visible after 3-4 weeks, when the skin enters the third phase of healing: collagen and connective tissue growth. Thus, the results are visible immediately, but the final results appear 3-4 weeks after the treatment.


Generally, Fibroblast is a 2-session treatment. It depends on the state of the client's skin and the degree of correction desired. Often the customer is already satisfied with just one treatment, of course if, for example, the wrinkles are not very deep, but due to the simplicity of the procedure and the affordable price, customers opt for two or even three treatments to achieve a perfect result. . result. The process can be repeated after the skin has fully regenerated. Usually 2 sessions are required.

How long does the effect of the skin tightening treatment with fibroblasts last?

The results of skin tightening treatment with fibroblasts are permanent and can be visible for years. But we must recognize that the aging process is continuous and therefore the skin ages every day after the procedure and this cannot be stopped. The results of this method are permanent, but when it comes to mimicking facial wrinkles (worry lines), they can quickly reappear because the muscles are stronger than the skin and consequently the wrinkles come back.
Average results last 2-4 years

Sign up today!be one ofTHE FIRST IN YOUR CITYto learn about this revolutionary treatment that is revolutionizing the beauty industry

Classes are small and fill up quickly, so don't wait!

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Plasma fibroblast training courses (8)


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