How much does an elevator cost? (2023)


September 2019

There is no general answer to the question of how much an elevator costs. This mainly depends on the type of elevator and the design you want. An expert gives advice to customers and warns of typical mistakes.

Bad news first: according to urban planner Hendrik Hesse, owner ofTips on Underlay Elevators(Hessian Counseling) in Karlsruhe. Neither is an improvement in the elevator market situation expected for the coming years.

Passenger elevator from 30,000 euros

In the case of specific quantities, it must first be clarified whether it is an indoor or outdoor passenger lift, stair lift, disabled lift, freight elevator or construction lift. These factors largely determine the price of an elevator. In addition, the cost depends on the number of stops and shipments, as well as the corresponding quality, design and demand.

In the new construction sector, prices for the first two stops of a normal passenger lift can currently be expected to be around €30,000. After that, according to the expert planner from Hessen, you should plan between 3,000 and 5,000 euros per stop. However, forklifts can become significantly more expensive due to the high load capacity. In this case, the axis is provided by the customer.

10,000 to 15,000 euros per stop

When installing (retrofitting) an elevator in an existing building, the location is the decisive component. Depending on the building structure, the elevator can also be installed outside.

How much does an elevator cost? (1)Experience has shown that builders need to budget between €10,000 and €15,000 per stop (for example, construction of a concrete, steel or glass shaft), plus the price of the lift. In the case of exterior glass elevators in particular, the future location in relation to solar radiation should be considered in advance. No one wants to be roasted at 40°C in a stationary elevator...

In addition, there are the costs of roof and wall penetrations or a structural engineer. Depending on the number of stops, up to €120,000 or more can be raised for the costs of setting up a lift.

Sliding or swing doors?

Passenger lifts for single-family homes are somewhat cheaper: A domestic lift compliant with the Machinery Directive with low requirements can also cost less than 30,000 euros, explains the specialist designer. The prices also depend on the supplier and the demand. In addition, there are the costs of a well, if it is not already available, (for example, in the construction of drywall, glass design, etc.).

When planning, you must first consider whether you want to install sliding or swing doors. Hesse advises buyers to think carefully about whether there is enough space on the stairs. These details often only become important in ten or twenty years, when people really depend on the home elevator.

Elevator group or small elevator company?

Lifts from corporations are usually a bit cheaper than lifts from smaller suppliers because they produce in smaller quantities. But smaller providers also have advantages over larger companies. For example, smaller companies are often more flexible and can provide more help with individual solutions.

The boss is usually the point of contact in case of problems, explains Hesse. “Using the simple rule of thumb above, it's not far from a normal standard office elevator or homeowners association. If necessary, an independent specialist planner can help you.

Get at least three quotes

But in general, one can say: regardless of the increase, the client should always take at least three offers and compare them at will; Here, too, consumer advocates find their way.

By the way, based on Hessian's experiences, the first companies are now asking for money to bid. His advice: Clients should not only inquire about elevator costs at an early stage, but also maintenance costs. It recommends maintenance companies certified according to DIN EN 13015, "but this is not mandatory".

Internet cost comparison? Attention!

How much does an elevator cost? (2)There are several providers on the Internet that offer cost comparisons. However, you should be aware that these are often storefronts for specific lift manufacturers, so their recommendations should be taken with some caution. "Many of these portals often only seem to want to collect customer addresses for elevator company sales," warns the specialist.

Of course, it is also questionable how meaningful such calculations are, since they naturally cannot take local conditions into account. "If portals could do that, we probably wouldn't need specialist planners and consultants for the elevator industry anymore," says Hesse.

Explore a sector of expertise

Even if it costs more at first glance: Specialist planner Hendrik Hesse recommends taking advantage of his industry knowledge: "Of course, this advice is not free. But it can help customers save money in the long run, because the elevator jungle with its myriad regulations, laws, maintenance companies and offers is hard for even experts to miss.In the interest of our clients, our industry maintains an independent and neutral perspective and can ensure clarity, cost transparency and certainty when choosing a partner for a new construction, modernization, repair or maintenance of elevators”.

If you are looking for an expert, just enter the keywords "expert planner, appraiser, elevator" into Google and click through to the first few pages; By now you should have found an appraiser in your area.

rising pricesAccording to the specialist planner Hessen, one of the reasons for the rise in prices on the elevator market is, in addition to rising material acquisition costs, the generally advanced age of elevators and the associated increasing need for repairs.risk assessment(or safety analysis), which elevator operators have increasingly requested from authorized inspection bodies (TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ, etc.) since 2015. The purpose of the hazard analysis is to discover and eliminate potential dangers in the elevator .

This risk analysis is not necessary for elevators used only by operators, explains Frank Kurtenbach, Business Line Manager Modernization at Schindler. "But here, too, the distinction is difficult: as soon as third parties use the elevator, for example visitors in an apartment building belonging to a community of owners, an operational safety obligation would have to be fulfilled."

maintenanceWhat counts is the care of the content, not the name, emphasizes the consulting firm Hesse. Here some companies offer the same under different names. "Sometimes it means maintenance, basic maintenance, system maintenance, inspection, care or, or, or..." The advice is to read the exact content of the service. According to planning specialists, the complete preservation of the property can also be associated with exclusions: "Some providers exclude drive motors or cabins and manhole doors from the service."

Many deals can be improved through troubleshooting and rate testing. In individual cases, the customer must indicate in advance exactly what he needs. Expert Advice “Be careful when entering into an agreement (or retrospective agreement) for an emergency call contract and a maintenance contract within the same contract term. The terms of the five-year contract are only reasonable. A ten-year term in a community of owners must be viewed very critically."

Many buyers are maintenance free, especially with residential elevators. Hesse advises against this: "I recommend performing maintenance or visual maintenance once a year to identify possible errors in advance." By the way, there are home elevator providers in particular who also give a ten-year guarantee if the customer regularly maintains the home elevator.

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