Heavy Equipment Salvage Depots Near Me [Map + Guide + FAQ] (2023)

Heavy equipment junkyards carry a variety of vehicles and construction equipment. You can find a variety of vehicles such as wildcats, cranes, excavators and other related heavy machinery. You can even find some farming equipment on these plots. In this article I share my experience with theHeavy equipment scrap depots near me.

Map of Heavy Equipment Junkyard Near Me - Use Junkyard Finder

For "heavy equipment junkyard near me" or "heavy equipment junkyard near me" see map below...

While it's possible to find fully functional machines, most don't work, making them perfect for part mining. It is important to understand that due to the nature of these types of vehicles, parts can be under pressure for an inordinate number of hours. That doesn't mean you can't find heavy equipment gold at these junkyards.

The heavy equipment junkyards near me are close to some stationary construction sites such as cement plants and a dismantling company. Typically, these type-related offers go hand in hand. You can try andCheck your local generic junkyard, but they probably have cars and trucks. However if you give them a call they can advise you on where to find the type of construction equipment used eg. B. salvaged excavators.

Heavy equipment junkyard near me

These are locally owned companies that operate under government regulations, primarily related to recycling laws. They usually offer the opportunity to pick up parts of discarded construction equipment and negotiate a used one for your property. One gear junkyard near me charges a small fee to walk around the yard while the other is pick-and-pull only. The one asking for entry tends to have a higher quality stock.

There are generally two sources from which these salutations comeheavy equipmentIn. Private homeowners and commercial builders. Typically, devices are retired for reasons such as interoperability, obsolete technology or models, repair costs, or partial functionality. Newer devices are sometimes thrown away when a home builder goes bankrupt and can't find a buyer fast enough. Many companies will try to sell the equipment themselves and then turn to the junkyard to raise money as a last resort.

Depending on the type of equipment, if it is claimed as a "total loss" in an accident and is insured, the insurance company can safely sell the heavy equipment. Typically you will see these are big rigs and rigs as they are on the road and more likely to have an accident.

Designs for a recovery yard for heavy construction machinery

The way those yards are spread out is a mixed bag. There are a few in the US that have great garages that you can walk around and look for vehicle makes and types. Hostile example if you wantedWhen you find a Caterpillar Crawler, find the CAT sectionand view all Caterpillar models together. However, most terraces are mixed brands, but the types of equipment tend to match. The more organized your salvage is, the easier it will be for you to quickly find and get out of the used parts you need.

Today, some heavy equipment junkyards maintain an online database. This allows you to search for parts or vehicles online. For an additional fee, you can have the part picked up for you and mailed to you. Alternatively you can at least see if they have what you need and visit the property in person. If your local construction equipment junk yard isn't online, you can always give them a call. Here you can ask for parts or brands, e.g. B. "Do you have Weller tractors on your property"?

How does a heavy equipment junkyard manage its inventory?

When heavy equipment comes to the yard, it first has to go through a process. It has to do with environmental standards. Primary fluids are drained and items such as oil are recycled. Some of the old equipment may contain mercury or other hazardous chemicals that require special treatment to avoid contaminating the ground. Some of the liquids, such as gas, can be diverted and resold.

Depending on the battery type, the battery can be removed for charging and resale. The same applies to the engine, depending on the vehicle type, the engine can be removed, overhauled and resold under warranty.

After all the preparatory work is done, the team can go to the terrace. Vehicles are sometimes sold directly, but for the junkyard it is much more valuable to sell them as individual parts. After a vehicle is completely disassembled, different junkyards do different things. A well-managed salvage will sell what's left over to a local scrapyard. A not-so-well-managed yard will rust the vehicle forever.

Specialty Heavy Equipment Salvage Depots near me

Some shipyards are mixed teams where they have different types of vehicles for professional use. However, you can find shipyards that specialize in one class or type of vehicle. These patios serve a more specific audience. You pay a little more for parts, but they're better suited for getting those hard-to-find parts. Here are some special courtyards to check out:

  • Dump Truck Rescue
  • Baggerbergung
  • excavator rescue
  • excavator salvage
  • Forklift Rescue
  • Mini charger-Rettung
  • Medium Duty Truck Rescue
  • heavy truck rescue

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Sell ​​your heavy equipment to a junkyard

If you are a computer owner and thinking about scrapping your computer, I suggest you consider the following scenarios first.

  1. Can the device be repaired? If yes, for how much?
  2. How much is the device worth if a repair is made?
  3. Does the device still have value in its current state?

Your answer will help you find the best option. how should...

  • fix it and keep it
  • Fix it and sell it yourself (You can try sites like Craigslist and Ebay)
  • Don't fix it and sell it yourself (you might find someone willing to buy it for parts).
  • Repair and exchange for cash (call the junkyard first and find out how much they pay for it)
  • Don't fix it and throw it away for cash (call the junkyard first and find out how much they pay for it)

In my personal experience, selling heavy equipment itself adds more value to the vehicle than a junkyard. However, this is difficult if you do not have the means, market or knowledge to set a fair price. If you're a private homeowner and don't know your value, you can call a local construction company and ask if they can do a professional valuation for you.

Before you throw away your construction equipment...

If you've given it some thought and are ready to throw it away, here's how:

  • Return the plates to the DMV if the road is legal
  • Cancel your registration and insurance
  • Suck out the gas so you can use it again.
  • Find the title as you will need to sign it upon disposal.
  • Check the value of your heavy equipmentmira precios used here

No matter what you're selling to a junkyard, it's important to be completely honest about the condition. If you act over the phone, you may be asked to provide photos with dated evidence. Junkyards are pretty good at this game, so understand that you're dealing with people trying to get this gear as cheaply as possible.

The negotiation process itself can be a bit cumbersome. I'm not saying you will always negotiate in good faith, but I encourage you to do so.

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Spare parts for heavy equipment used in junkyards

Benefits of buying used heavy equipment parts

The best thing about buying used equipment is, of course, the price. Used parts are usually extremely cheap. It's almost more convenient than dealing with the manufacturer buying new parts you might already be bolting onto a battered machine.

In my experience with heavy equipment junkyards near me, you can't get partial warranties. Some places may offer them and it's worth asking. They will never give you your money back, but you can get a 30-day change or credit. I recommend asking before buying anything you think is expensive.

What I also like is that the parts are often installed and assembled by the manufacturer. This saves your mechanic time building another brand that suits your needs.

For a list of tools to bring,come here.

Disadvantages of buying spare parts for a heavy machine volley

Quality is always the "X" factor. These heavy machines are naturally subject to extreme stress and resilience. They also tend to have a lot of hours and miles on them. There is simply no visual way to tell if a part has reached its end of life. The visualization is sufficient for parts such as excavator chains or crane blades. Mechanical parts are much more difficult to judge. So I advise you to ask if the heavy equipment junkyard offers a guarantee.

I always see the shipyards themselves as a disadvantage. Most of the places are not well arranged and organized resulting in wasting a lot of time looking for what you need. It helps if you know a little about the manufacturer and models of machines similar to your own. For example, Hitachi heavy machinery uses many of the same internal parts across all years and models. You can extract the part from a similar Hitachi machine if you can find one.

Another thing I find in these particular batches is the parts being made. The previous owner has already tried to fix the problem and modified a part to suit his needs. In most cases, this isn't a good piece to throw away.

Heavy Equipment Salvage Depots Near Me Conclusion

Whether you're a construction company or a private heavy equipment owner, these junkyards are packed with value. You can eliminate replacement parts, pay full manufacturer price, and get what you need at a lower price. While there aren't many of these places, you can always call ahead to see if they have what you need. In some cases they can collect the part for you and have it shipped to you. I learned that at the heavy equipment junkyards near me.

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