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Headboards and footboards not only keep your bedroom looking beautiful, they also keep the pillows from sliding off an adjustable bed. Other types of beds come with headboards and footboards; This is not the case with adjustable beds. So you need to buy them separately and attach the headboard and footboard to itadjustable bed frames.

There are many options on the market and as a result you may not know what type of headboard or footboard is right for your bedroom and style. This article contains everything you need to know about choosing a headboard for your adjustable bed and the importance of headboards and footboards. So if you're wondering, can I use a headboard with an adjustable bed? This is the right article for you!


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What headboards and footboards can you use with an adjustable bed frame?

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Most adjustable beds only come as a bed frame, which can look plain and not match your bedroom decor and style. Adding a headboard, footboard or both to an adjustable bed frame enhances their appearance to blend in with your bedroom decor.

Unlike other beds with a traditional headboard, you can choose a separate headboard for your adjustable bed. However, it is important to consider the dimensions of your adjustable bed. Is it twin XL, king size or split king?

These measurements will help you when purchasing headboards and footboards to avoid placing headboards and footboards that do not match your bed and bedroom. The beauty of most headboards is that you can attach them with headboard brackets and continue sleeping on your own memory foam mattress or your current mattress.

Factors to consider when choosing headboards and footboards for adjustable bed frames

As mentioned earlier, there are several headboards and baseboards on the market that you can purchase and transform the look of your bedroom. However, with so many options, you can get overwhelmed and buy a new headboard and footboard that you don't like or that doesn't match the other furniture in your bedroom.

So how can this be avoided?

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Consider your style

What is your taste in decoration? The answer to this question should serve as a compass when choosing a headboard or footboard for an adjustable bed base. There is a wide range to choose from, so choose headboards and footboards that suit your style and complement your bedroom decor.

Make sure your choice does not conflict with the colors and materials that will give your bedroom a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will help you feel comfortable and therefore have a good night's sleep.

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height-adjustable bed

Adjustable beds can be adjusted to suit your sleeping style, ensuring you enjoy the benefits of a zero-gravity position. Therefore, it makes sense to buy a headboard and footboard that are higher than a regular headboard.

Ideally, the headboards should be a foot higher than the mattress, and most people prefer the headboards to be shorter than the headboards.

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Room size measurement

Measure the size of your bedroom and the adjustable bed frame. If you buy a small or oversized headboard that doesn't fit in the door, you will need to return it and order a new one. So please check your measurements before ordering.


Unfortunately, your preferred headboard may not be compatible with your current bed frame. So unless you are planning on changing your adjustable bed frame, be sure to purchase a headboard and footboard that does not match your current bed frame and bedroom furniture.

Easy construction

You know how good you are with tools and putting things together. While most headboards and footboards have simple assembly methods, others are a bit complex. So choose a headboard and footboard that you can quickly assemble yourself. That way you don't incur the extra cost of hiring someone to do it for you.

Headboard and footboard ideas for adjustable beds

The headboard and footboard options vary according to each person's individual taste and bedroom decor. Here are some ideas that you can choose based on your personal and aesthetic preferences.

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Metal headboard and footboard

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If you're a minimalist aesthetic type, then this is the perfect headboard and footboard for your space. A metal bed frame is a simple yet elegant addition to your adjustable bed frame.

There are several metal frames to choose from including stainless steel, brass and aluminium.

rack head

Some people like to read in bed and therefore like to hold back on books. A bookcase headboard enhances the style of your bedroom and gives you enough space for your books, jewelry box, flowers and other decorative items to bring your room to life.

Simple wooden headboard and footboard

You can never go wrong with adjustable beds with wooden headboards and footboards. Get beautifully carved wooden headboards and footboards to add a beautiful look to the space you occupy. There are also several types of wood, so choose the one that suits your adjustable base, floor or ceiling to create a beautiful space.

Padded headboard and footboard

Nothing expresses elegance better than an upholstered footboard and headboard. You can choose any pattern or design for the upholstery as long as it suits your style and your room is elegant. Padded headboards and baseboards are perfect for a platform bed and many types of adjustable beds, so you don't have to worry about compatibility.

That's why this is the most popular headboard!

How to position the headboard and footboard on adjustable beds

Attaches two types of headboards and footboards to the bed frame and attaches them to the wall.

To connect the footboard and headboard with an adjustable frame:

  • Assemble the adjustable base. Most adjustable beds come with instructions on how to assemble them.
  • Once the box spring is in place, place the bed frame, footboard and headboard around the box spring, making sure they snap into place.
  • Add mattresses and switch from the flat position to a position that suits your sleeping style.

If your adjustable bed has a metal base, it's best to leave it exposed and add a floating headboard for decorative purposes.

  • The first step is to assemble the adjustable bed frame.
  • Place the mattress on the bed frame to determine the height at which you will place the headboard.
  • Slide the headboard into place, making sure it is flush in the middle and doesn't stick out too far to either side of the bed.
  • Most headboards come with pre-installed brackets to mount them, but if you find that the brackets are missing, order them from a manufacturer.
  • Make sure the mounting holes line up with the brackets, otherwise install a bracket adapter.
  • If you choose a bolt-on design, push the bolts into the brackets and mounting holes, but don't use too much force.
  • Once you're happy with how it looks, you can screw them in place to attach the header.
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Importance of headboards and footboards

Complete the look of your room.

An adjustable bed frame can be simple and plain, adding an understated look to your bedroom. However, you can add an adjustable footboard and headboard to an adjustable bed flame and complete the look of your bedroom.

protects the walls

A headboard protects the wall from abrasion when your bed is against it. If you don't have a headboard, you can rub your head against the wall and get oil and dust out of your hair, and the walls are not easy to clean. A headboard made of wood, metal or dark material does not get dirty as quickly and is easy to clean.

support pillow

Pillows can easily slide off the bed if you don't have a headboard, but if you do, the headboard will hold them in place and ensure they don't fall off.

add convenience

Leaning against a headboard is much more comfortable than leaning against a wall. Even in winter, the wall can get cold, so the headboard acts as an insulator against the cold. It also works great when the bed is in onezero gravity position.


Headboards and footboards not only give your bedroom a beautiful and cozy look, but also allow you to sleep or lie down more comfortably. Best of all, you can choose from multiple footboards and headboards so you can get something that doesn't go against your style and decorating the room.


Plus, getting dressed is easy, so you don't have to enjoy the benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed, which compromises your style. So you can enjoy both elegance and functionality.


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