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Tier 1 Law Firm

Gowling WLG

Project and infrastructure teamGowling WLGAn established reputation for advising UK governments and non-government entities on their most complex PPP work and other major infrastructure projects. Their client list includes groups such as the National Highways and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. The team also advises on international issues involving Africa and the Middle East.stephen kennyis the national head of the practice, specializing in complex UK government projects involving critical infrastructure or assets.Andrew NewberryTypically leads project finance workflow, most recently promoted to partnerElizabeth WilliamsSpecialized in defense and security.dominic richardsonand main partnerjames stanierAlso highly recommended.

Practice manager:

Stephen Kenny? Andrew Newberry

Other leading lawyers:

Guswood? Dominic Richardson; James Stanier


"The team was knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. They were very cooperative and supported me and my work beyond the terms of the contract."

"Liz Williams went above and beyond the call of duty and facilitated after hours calls. He had a very natural and friendly approach which helped build a good working relationship. He took the time to really learn about issues and people. I love working with her ."

"Easy to work with, friendly and down to earth. Approachable and humble, takes time to explain and support their customers."

larger customer

Ministry of Defence

National highway

Kansai Electric Power Company

Guarantee company

AIB groups

Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Zzoom Limited

Green Power Co., Ltd.

Brockwell Energy

eel power

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Group (herunder Magnox, Nuclear Waste Services, Nuclear Transportation Solutions...)


Department of Health and Social Care

foreign, national and development office

main file

  • Advising National Highways on the procurement of one of their flagship projects, the A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down (Stonehenge) road/tunnel project.
  • Advising leading UK energy storage company and key client Eelpower on their £100m joint venture with NextEnergy Solar Fund, a specialist listed renewable energy solar fund.
  • Advising the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) on the Defense Marine Services project, which was tasked with delivering new commercial arrangements to deliver the MoD's future marine service requirements on site and crew training.

Pinsent Masons LLP

project team iPinsent Masons LLPLeveraging the firm's strong international reach, it works on some of the UK's most high-profile energy and infrastructure projects from its Birmingham office, working with high-profile clients such as E.ON. The team has a deep understanding of the energy and infrastructure sector with expertise in helping energy service companies achieve their net zero agenda. training headDidard DillonFocus on PPP projects in the energy, waste and infrastructure sectors. He also leads the company's clean technology division, focusing on community energy and smart cities. At senior partner level, they are important namesGemma glass rodandarmand dillon.

Practice manager:

Didard Dillon

Other leading lawyers:

Nigel Blundell? Gemma glasstang; Chris Haynes? armand dillon


"I have always found them to be very efficient, friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable and relevant and humble. They can usually find answers to any question very quickly.

"The people I worked with were very knowledgeable about district heating and had a good understanding of the industry. They explained the new methodological areas and approaches very confidently, very concisely."

"Chris Haines and Didar Dhillon were very accommodating, friendly and easy to work with. They were both very helpful and went the extra mile to help with issues we had on specific projects."

larger customer

virido co., ltd.



FCC environment

Hitachi Zosen Inova A E

Amber infrastructure

Corey Riverside Ltd

infinite gmbh

Westminster City Council

tomorrow sidele

Volker Railway

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Cardiff Metropolitan Region

(Video) EP.62 Bruce Riley – Managing Director, Infrastructure and Project Finance at NatWest

main file

  • Advising CCR on the purchase from RWE of a 489 hectare coal-fired power station at Aberthor for its conversion into a £1bn green power generation park. to spread welfare in a community area.
  • Advising on the foundation elements of the proposed Hornsea Project 4 offshore wind farm (following the successful development of Hornsea Project 3).
  • Advisory Board on the Seaham Garden Village Low Carbon Mine Water Heating Network, which aims to provide a low carbon district heating network to serve the Seaham Garden Village development in Durham. The initial phase of the development includes approximately 1,500 new homes, a school and a shopping center to be built by three national developers/builders. The second phase of the development aims to deliver a further 1,500 new homes and associated community and business units. The innovative project will capture heat from water from the disused Dawdown mine (extracted through the adjacent Minewater Dawdon treatment plant) and provide low-carbon heating to residents and other residents of the development. It will be the first project of its kind to extract heat from abandoned mine shafts, and with strong support from the Coal Authority and BEIS, more similar projects are set to open across the UK.
Tier 2 Law Firm

Brown Jacobson LLP

Brown Jacobson LLPKnown in the Midlands for its power generation, renewable energy, waste-to-energy and energy diversity. The team consists ofPaul Hill, specializing in infrastructure, private equity and general corporate lending transactions. Backed by venture capital expertsMichael Jacksonand senior assistantNick Smith.

Practice manager:

Paul Hill

Other leading lawyers:

Michael Jackson? Nick Smith

larger customer

First Sentier investor



British Gas

Oxford City Council

South London Waste Partnership



PBE team

H2Go Power

Nano China Co., Ltd.

hus england

silver energy

Aurora Group

maternity care

main file

  • He briefed First Sentier investors on two major waste-to-energy acquisitions: the purchase of 995 million GBP of SSE's 50% stake in a multi-fuel energy joint venture, and the purchase of Enfinium from waste management company Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. Wheelabrator UK). a Macquarie entity.
  • Advising Oxford City Council on the electric vehicle charging project.
  • Advised PBE Group on the successful acquisition of Advanced Diesel Engineering (ADE) - a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of generators and critical power solutions - for an undisclosed sum - and on cross-border corporate financing and refinancing.

Liberty Law Firm

There is a project team and another energy, waste and sustainability team,Liberty Law FirmFull range of services for customers in the energy and infrastructure sector. The team also has particular expertise in supporting transactions by large development companies and advising on the refinancing of PPP projects.james lamoLeads project teams with extensive experience in infrastructure and project finance transactions. He is also a well-known adviser on secondary market PFI transactions. The Energy, Waste and Sustainability team consists ofKirsten Robert, who has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of waste-to-energy projects and is certified as a Chartered Waste Manager.

Practice manager:

James Lamour? Kirsten Roberts

(Video) International Project Finance (WIF 2021)

Other leading lawyers:

Perveen Akhter; Alex Johnson? steve evans


''The Freeths are a good team led by James Larmour. It has always been at the forefront of market developments, and the PFI transfer is a special case.

"James Larmour always provides excellent balance and commercial advice. Well known and recognized in the infrastructure market. Go for a lawyer."

"Smart lawyers use their legal acumen to guide you to sound, practical conclusions. Worth the money."

larger customer

Amber infrastructure

international public partnership

Morgan Stanley



Infrarød Fund partner

EQUANS (formerly ENGIE)


Cambridge Power

catalyst capital

Cornish Council

FCC environment

SmartParc Limited

White Generation Ltd.

New Pangea Continental Co., Ltd.

Staffordshire Council

Derbyshire Dales District Council

Rochford District Council

biodynamic ltd.

CL: Al

Enovert Ltd.

johnson aggregates ltd.

Stone Technology Co., Ltd.

cellular energy

Hongkong Power Holdings Limited

main file

  • Advised funds managed by Amber Infrastructure on the acquisition of a further £100m of shares in Angel Trains, the UK's largest rolling stock company.
  • Advised international public partnerships on the acquisition of a £30m PFI portfolio. from the Costain Pension Fund.
  • Hull Esteem Consortium LEP Limited advised on major changes to Phase 2 of the Hull BSF project.

Shakespeare Martineau LLP

The energy and supply group has a strong national and international presenceShakespeare Martineau LLPMuch of 2021 has been spent advising on the collapse of some major energy suppliers, including Green Supplier, Pure Planet and Daligas. The team's areas of focus include renewable energy projects, customer contracts, industrial metering agreements and wholesale energy transactions, as well as handling regulatory investigations. Team leaderAndrew Whiteheadis a specialist energy regulator and contract lawyer who has worked with many of the firm's top clients. followerpeter ten, which covers real estate with a focus on energy development, andIan Griffiths, specializing in energy infrastructure and construction.

Practice manager:

Andrew Whitehead

Other leading lawyers:

(Video) How can the West Midlands secure investment for future infrastructure projects?

Peter Dix? Ian Griffiths


"Shakespeare Martineau has a team that understands the energy sector. Its key people are leaders in the sector and specialize in electricity. It is a first choice outside of the most established companies in London."

"These individuals took the time to understand our business and were knowledgeable, courteous and professional in handling our concerns."

"Large transversal company that can actually and effectively handle large and small tasks"

larger customer


LNG wheat

gas drop

Npower (part of E.ON)

Last Mile Infrastructure Group (tidligere Energetics)

Statra Energi

Octopus energy

Innogy electric vehicle

Seven Trent Green Energy

Detail Shell Energy

Retail trade at motorway stops

UK Independent Utilities

Commercial electricity and natural gas

British development

marble power

FPC electrical ground

Northwest Power

Forsa Energy Gas Holdings

Taichuang teknologi

a certain amount of energy

Coventry and Solihull waste

south staffordshire water

Anglo water

Sunell, UK

White Tower Energy

re planet

ripple energy

University of Birmingham

FW Thorpe

Macquarie Bank

practical group

power failure

main file

  • Last Mile Infrastructure Advisory Group Negotiation and documentation of land rights for electricity and gas infrastructure, especially gas pipelines and cables and substations.
  • Advising the national electricity system operator on the development and start-up change of the balancing service "Dynamic Constraint" and two new services "Dynamic Containment" and "Dynamic Restoration".
Tier 3 Law Firm

Bevan Brittain LLP

Bevan Brittain LLPShe specializes in handling contract and asset management as well as operational aspects of energy, PFI and PPP projects.Kotpal Kaur OjlaExtensive experience in advising public partners in PPP projects as a senior lawyerRosie TabrizAdvising Birmingham City Council on a comprehensive waste management programme.

Practice manager:

Nadeem Arshad

(Video) Kate Ashworth | West Midlands Combined Authority | Case Study

Other leading lawyers:

Kotpal Kaur Blood; Rosie Tabriz


"The team is knowledgeable. They have a clear understanding of the industry and key players. They are also realistic and approachable."

"Nadeem Arshad is the managing partner. We know Nadeem well and have worked with him in the past. He knows the space very well and provides a good overview."

"The market leadership team understands the commercial realities of project finance/PFI in a way that no one else can."

larger customer



Birmingham City Council

East Kent Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust

Bank of Ireland

JFS School

Sheffield City Council

West Berkshire Council

main file

  • Advise committee on delivery of #500m new waste OPP project and future waste management strategy.
  • Advising Bank of Ireland as lender on a major restructuring of a program funded by a social care PFI.
  • Advising the Welsh Government and 24 participating local authorities on a new PPP delivery model - #1.5 Billion Education Wales: 21st Century Schools MIM.

Harrison Clark Rickerbys inc. Shawcross

hold indHarrison Clark RickbeesKnown for its expertise in all areas of renewable energy and technology. Specifically, the practice advises companies and individuals on legal issues related to renewable energy, including land integration and regulatory requirements. The team consists ofHarriet Murray Jones, has extensive experience in renewable energy. Supported by construction expertsSommer Archer-Williams, asNathalie MinotandGareth Williams.

Practice manager:

Harriet Murray Jones

Other leading lawyers:

Andrew James? Heffin Archer Williams; Natalie Minot

larger customer

Prosperity Dynamics Ltd


Moral Force Ltd

New Forest Energy Co., Ltd.

Innovation Capital Limited

norik power ltd.

Safran Landing Systems UK

New power renewable energy

Novalux energy

Eco2Solar Limited

Kappler Energy Ltd.

sunite co., ltd.

Capital of Horus

main file

    (Video) Stanford Webinar: Infrastructure Project Finance


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    6. Infrastructure Project Finance in 2016
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