Breast implants for girls who lift (2023)

Editor's Note: We first published this article in 2014, but it was republished when Dr. Martin Jugenburg of the Toronto Institute of Cosmetic Surgery asked to add it. However, Dani Shugart, author of this article, stopped having her breast implants due tohealth problemsthat they provoke.

dr Jugendburg, also known as Dr.6ix, is really important. He was a ring surgeon for the UFC and a trusted resource for reporters detailing growth procedures like butt lifts. We're honored to add your wisdom on this topic.

Mask for mosquito bites

I felt misshapen, ashamed and jealous of women with breasts. Getting implants wasn't an easy decision, but neither was she trying to look normal as a muscular 5'10-inch woman who hid mosquito bites in NA-size bras (almost a cup).

It was frustrating having an uneven body. I wasn't a little woman. Why do I have small breasts? I just wanted to be proportional and there was nothing I could do to make them bigger naturally.

The extra body fat went straight to my thighs, and even at my heaviest weight I was still wearing an NA cup. Breasts cannot be exercised, fed, supplemented, or even medicated. For women aiming for better proportions, the only option is surgery.

So I spoke to my husband, slept with him many nights and then made an appointment to see a doctor for more information. I searched the internet for advice from other lifters but couldn't find much.

It was like they were too embarrassed to make their raise public. Most of the bikini and figure candidates had them, but nobody talked about it.

Boobs never go out of style. And many of us just aren't born with a full chest. So why not discuss the details? If you've been toying with the idea, here are the important things you need to know about larger breasts.

How do I choose a doctor?

says dr Jugenburg: “Look for someone who can show you lots of before and after photos, not just the top 10. You want to see other women who look like you in previous photos so you can see how they end up afterwards. So ask for full length photos. One year later. Because anyone can look great right after surgery."

Plastic surgery is not the time to be frugal, so be prepared to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000 in total. Beware of anything cheaper. Consultations are usually free, so try to see several doctors and choose the one that makes the most sense or that you feel most comfortable with.

The best surgeon will not encourage you to overdo it or just take your money and throw away whatever you ask for. You must want your work to look tasteful, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing so that when you tell other women they want what you have, you hire them.

My surgeon rejected women who wanted to look like they were stealing basketballs. Your surgeon may ask you to bring photos of Tatas that you admire. I did, but while I was under the knife he tried different sizes inside me to see which would be more proportional to my body. Find a doctor who does this routinely.

Which is better: above or below the muscle?

This is one of the first things women worry about, but you really don't need to worry. Your surgeon can help you make the best decision, taking into account your genetics, preferences, and primary concerns. Here are the pros and cons of each:

Breast implants for girls who lift (1)

In: Benefits

  • Natural look for women with extremely small breasts.
  • Perfectly round headlights do not exist.

In: Disadvantages

  • Significantly longer recovery time.
  • Much more pain if you have a lot of pectoral muscle.
  • Chest exercises can cause "animation deformity."

About: Benefits

  • When you have more natural breast tissue, it looks natural.
  • Recovery is faster and less painful.

About: cons

  • Most obvious if you are extremely thin, have thin skin, or have little to no natural breast tissue.

Some surgeons refuse to place implants over the muscle when there is insufficient breast tissue or when the skin on the breast is too thin. Placing them under the muscle simply hides the implant better when you have nothing to work with.

When I went to my first appointment I was determined to have muscle implants. But the surgeon explained that I didn't have enough breast tissue and if I placed them over my pecs they would look like obvious headlights. So we went with less.

However, Dr. Jugenbug not quite in line with my surgeon's decision. He says: “…Succumbing was the dogma for several years, but now the hottest topic at cosmetic surgery meetings is the placement of implants over muscles.

“Going under the muscle isn't just for looking more natural. In a lean patient with a thin pectoral muscle, the muscle adds very little coverage to hide the implant. You will still see the implant. The main advantage of walking under the low is the risk of capsular contracture. The risk is low, but going under the muscle has an even lower risk (already low risk) than going over the muscle.”

And while what he's saying makes perfect sense, I can tell the difference between my enlarged breasts (under the muscle) and the breasts of women who have implants over the muscle. In my opinion they are two different looks and when done right both can be aesthetically pleasing.

One more thing to note: With implants under the muscle, it is normal for the implants to expand as you use the pecs. According to the doctor. Jugendburg, that's called animation deformity. He says, "In my experience, fitness women and bodybuilders hate being affected and want their implants repositioned in the subglandular space."

I guess my mindset is that weightlifting is about building muscle and strength. Not to show how natural her (completely unnatural) breasts look. Maybe wear a day shirt over your chest?

On the plus side, if a perv at the gym is staring at your chest while you're sporting pecs and you're sporting a plunging neckline, it might put them off a bit. That's a pro and a con.

And the risks?

As it turns out, there are more risks than plastic surgeons are happy to admit. Pleaseto be informedbefore you put in your breast implants. They are devastating and can make it difficult for the uprising to continue. But I'll let the doctor summarize the other risks:

(Video) Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift?

"Remember, no surgery is risk-free. The two best things you can do to minimize risk are...

  1. Choose a reputable surgeon and clinic that values ​​safety and doesn't skimp on price.
  2. Be sure to follow your surgeon's pre- and post-operative instructions closely. Remember that a perfectly beautiful result can be destroyed during recovery if you don't follow post-surgery care instructions."

Regarding possible fractures, Dr. Jugenburg: "Newer silicone implants are more cohesive, like a gummy bear, so if an implant ruptures, the silicone just stays in place instead of oozing out."

Capsular contracture is another thing you might hear about. The capsule is just the coating that forms around the implant (good); Contractures occur when this lining hardens and creates too much (bad) scar tissue.

According to the doctor. Jugenburg: "The risk of capsular contracture is reduced if the surgeon operates carefully, uses an insertion instrument such as the Keller funnel when using silicone implants, and patients carefully follow the postoperative instructions."

So when you go to an appointment, you should ask the surgeon if they use a Keller funnel.

Implant migration is another rare thing that can happen. Some weightlifters say their implants have migrated because of weight training, but medical professionals will tell you that migration is random and occurs in those who don't lift weights that often. They told me not to let migration issues affect my survey.

Other risks arise when a woman decides to start exercising immediately after surgery: yoga, weight training, dancing, running, etc. Tissues take time to heal and collagen takes time to rebuild. Exercising too early can cause a blood vessel to rupture and fill the sinuses with blood. This would result in a bruise and an expensive "reoperation" to fix the problem.

Patience is Mom's insurance. Even if you think it's a good idea to start exercising, give it as much time as your doctor recommends. The better you wait, the better they'll be when you're fully recovered.

how tall should i go

According to the doctor. Jugenburg: "Choosing implant size is the most painful decision most women make as it goes back and forth from 5cc."

"First, remember that plus or minus 50cc probably won't make a difference. So don't worry about 5cc. Second, trust your surgeon. He or she should choose an implant that fits your body, which means that the dimensions of your implants adjust to the width of your breast, if you choose an implant that is too small, it will look like a big bulge in your breast, if you choose an implant that is too big, the side of the breast will give, making it difficult for the movements of his arm.

Your advice makes sense, and while it's a personal choice, you want people to say, "Wow, look at that super fit woman!" not "Hey, look at that stripper over there doing lunges!"

If you train hard to make your body look great, then why should your breasts be the most noticeable feature of your body? Get implants to complement, not overshadow, your hard work.

And one more thing: do you compete? Cool. It does not matter. Reflect on your life beyond the competition. Do you want bigger boobs then? Never get cosmetic surgery just to please others, including the judges. Make sure it's a wise investment for your life, not just the stage.

That being said, there aren't many professional flat-chested bikini competitors out there. And while big, fun bags aren't a requirement, which you'll find in the official judging criteria, everyone seems to know that if you want to go pro in bikini, your boobs probably need definition too. .

Figure and physique competitions are much more forgiving in the chest department. There are many competitors who have competed and turned pro without improving.

How will they look?

Breast implants for girls who lift (2)

The chests are as varied as the faces. Women with widely spaced breasts do not have any internal cleavage even after the augmentation. Women whose breasts are closer together have cleavage. Your nipples become narrower instead of more prominent.

Genetics determine where the breasts are on the chest and which way the nipples point. The surgeon cannot reposition your nipples. So if your breasts are structurally well separated on your chest, they stay that way. Don't be alarmed if the sweater puppies point this out to you. The compensation for a large cleavage is a large chest. Both structures have their advantages.

By the way, your new love muffins will last weeks. Especially if they were inserted under the muscle. They'll also be pretty bloated for quite a while, so they'll look a bit weird at first. Like soccer balls or alien planes.

Do not evaluate the final appearance of your breasts until six weeks later. Your doctor can even take "after" pictures about six weeks after surgery.

How do I stay in shape during recovery?

The first few days stand for rest and relaxation. If your surgeon goes under the muscle, plan to relax for six weeks. Control your diet. Eliminate unnecessary indulgences. Remember, you don't have to hold dumbbells or barbells with weights or use upper-body machines for six weeks, so your appetite won't increase anyway.

If you have them in the muscle, you can easily start training after two weeks. But recovery time is really an individual thing. For reference, my implants were under the muscle, as was my fitness timeline:

  • I slept for the first four days.
  • For the rest of the first four weeks, I walked for an hour a day.
  • Around the four week mark, I started training legs on machines.
  • After six weeks I started upper body training without direct chest work.
  • After two months I was able to carry out the work on my chest without any problems.
  • I haven't done a full upper body workout in about three months.

Is it a longing?

What the plastic surgery websites don't tell you is that if you put your implants under the muscle and you have a lot of muscle in your chest, you will experience excruciating pain.

(Video) Breast Implant vs Breast Lift - Which is right for you?

dr Jugenburg confirms this: "A stronger, thicker pectoral muscle equates to greater, longer-lasting pain if you choose to go under the muscle."

For me, this pain was almost constant for a month. It didn't go away until I took strong painkillers and sat very still. A friend of mine put hers on the muscle and said it felt great in three days.

Another thing you won't find on breast implant websites is what these powerful drugs do to your digestive system. Just in case, you should have something on hand that relieves constipation. I didn't poop for a week after the surgery.

The pain depends on the size of your implants. Many surgeons will require you to have medium sized implants before getting monster sized implants because you have to stretch the tissues in your body to accommodate the extra material.

If the implants are under the muscle, more tissue is stretched. Women who have a breast lift and breast augmentation at the same time will experience more pain simply because of the extra work that is being done.

When you return home after the procedure, you will not feel anything and may not be conscious. But in the first week you will definitely feel it. If you are not married, ask your mother or a friend to help you with the housework.

Keep in mind that later breast pain may not be caused by the implants, although we tend to blame it first. But women without breast implants also suffer from breast pain, which can be caused by monthly hormone fluctuations, among other things.

What about my work?

Breast augmentation is considered a day operation with no need for an overnight stay unless complications arise. You won't want to go back to work the next day either.

If you work during the week, ideally pick them up on Thursday and return to work on Monday. If your job involves heavy lifting, give yourself more time and ask your doctor for advice.

Can I stop chest training if I get implants?

Don't let bigger love pads stop you from building bigger pecs. Muscle definition in a woman's chest is a sign of leanness and hard training, so keep it close.

Breast implants for girls who lift (3)

The muscular separation between the chest and deltoids is impressive and will complement your larger breasts by toning this area. And remember, bench presses and dips work a lot more than just your pecs.

After improvement, continue to train the area so your chest really shines for the work you've put into it. Just make sure you have fully recovered first.

What about sex and everyday life?

Sex raises your blood pressure, so avoid bruising for two weeks. The chance of wanting to put it on immediately after the operation is slim. You will lie in bed at night and don't want the pillow to move too much. Even going to bed will be a chore and it may be wise to sleep alone for the first few nights. Life and sleep begin to return to normal after two weeks.

Years after surgery, some women complain of loss of sensation or sore nipples. If this is a big problem for you, talk to your doctor about it.

If you don't like touching your nipples in the first place, that risk is irrelevant. Stop your spouse or partner from doing anything special to your breasts for six weeks.

Breast implants for girls who lift (4)

And the scars?

To minimize scarring, avoid tanning for a full year while scar tissue forms. dr Jugenburg says, “Wearing a t-shirt or high SPS is fine, but not perfect. Tape the scars even if you're wearing a t-shirt.” I didn't do this diligently in my tanning days and ended up with dark scars, which was super goofy.

The location of the scar depends on the location of the incision and the skin's ability to repair itself.

  • armpit cut:Near the armpit. There will be no breast scarring, but likely armpit scarring.
  • Inframammary:under the chest. This is the most common incision site as it does not affect the functions of the breast: desire and lactation. Scars under the breasts are common but not noticeable unless you are topless. Bikinis hide them well.
  • Periareolar:Below the areola The scar is not noticeable here, but surgeons generally avoid this area because of the higher risk of complications such as capsular contracture.

What are the biggest advantages?

Trust. Confidence in the bedroom. Confidence in the clothes you like. Confidence in the gym by seeing your curves. A great shelf is like an accessory that you never have to take off. Life without padded bras is pretty sweet.

decision time

If you feel beautiful without implants, save your money. But if every outfit you put together requires a Houdini boob strategy, if you feel insecure about sex, or procrastinate on wearing the things you want to wear, then you should think about it.

Yes, you can have a beautiful body without having breasts. But the way you feel about that body is what matters most.

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