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If you want your diesel truck to stand out from the crowd and still have more off-road capability, one of the most popular modifications you can make is to install a lift kit. As the name suggests, a lift kit modifies your truck's suspension so that it rides higher than stock, allowing you to fit larger wheels and tires for better off-road traction, higher ground clearance, and a cleaner look. . Although most diesel trucks are already quite large from the factory, installing a lift kit will allow you to use 35-, 37- or even 40-inch tires, depending on how tall your lift kit is, but with the large amount of options available, how can you tell which one? Is the lift kit or suspension system right for your truck? As always, the answer depends on your wants, needs and, of course, your budget, but today we're going to go over all the options and tell you which lift kit is best for you.

Best mud truck lifts

There are generally two types of people who are looking for a lift kit for their diesel and the first is the one who bought their truck to use it the way it might be seen in a TV commercial. Whether you're heading to a construction site in a muddy field, a remote cabin in the desert, working on the farm, or just having fun off-roading, a lift kit is a great way to improve your vehicle's performance. truck.

When driving your truck in these conditions, maximum ground clearance should be the number one priority for a lift kit as it allows the underside of the truck to clear any rocks or snags and prevents the frame from pushing the mud to drag it and Go slow. and the extra height can minimize potential bodily harm. If that best describes how you use your diesel, start with a 4.5" or 6" lift kit for your truck. Due to the harsh off-road driving conditions, it is important to invest in a lift kit that uses a premium shock absorber to maintain smooth ride quality.

Most 4.5-inch or higher lift kits will generally raise the front suspension about 2 inches above the truck's rear, since all trucks come standard with a "tilt" position where the bottom of the truck rises. lower than the rear, for example. With a height of 6 inches, the back can only be raised 4 inches.

BDS-Sperremakes quality lift kits for every diesel truck on the road and they are built to take a beating. All of their lift kits feature heavy-duty frame mounts to lift suspension components while maintaining proper geometry and better than factory strength. For coil spring trucks like the Ram 2500/3500 or Ford Superduty, BDS suspension lift kits come with new coil springs for a smoother ride on and off road, and while the base NX2 shock offered with the kit works great, for an even smoother ride and better performance in rough terrain upgrade to theOption Fox 2.0 Schockwill be your best bet.

The best tow truck lifts

While a huge truck looks great with 40-inch tall tires and has incredible off-road performance, not all truck owners use their vehicles this way. The second type of diesel truck owners will primarily use their truck for towing and hauling, and most of the kilometers will be on paved roads, with off-road driving being a secondary priority. Diesel trucks are ideal for towing as their strong chassis can carry tons of weight and the immense torque of the diesel engine can accelerate that weight with ease. Here, most owners' goal is to install a slightly larger and more aggressive tire, between 33 and 35 inches, to improve traction on occasional asphalt exits.

If your truck falls into this category, you should be looking for a 1" to 3.5" lift or leveling kit that raises the front end so you can fit your larger tires and give the truck a more aggressive look, but keep the rear end at a height bearing, which has several advantages. Firstly, when it comes to hitching a trailer, you don't need a huge hitch for a fender trailer, and you can still hitch most standard gooseneck or fifth wheel trailers without having to hoist those trailers as well. By not using a lift block between the leaf springs and the rear axle, you don't introduce excessive spring wrap during acceleration, which can cause damage to drivetrain components.

Cognito makes great leveling kits for Ford, Ram and Chevy/GMC trucks that will work perfectly on your tow ball. Trucks with solid front axles, like the Ram and Superduty, have larger front coil springs for buoyancy and a reinforced tie rod to keep the front axle centered. For GMC and Chevy trucks with independent front suspension, the Cognito Leveling Kit comes with new torsion bar wrenches that provide lift and a pair of upper control arms that correct the ball joint angle and allow for greater track travel. suspension. and provides a smoother ride.

No matter how you use your truck, the damper is the most important part of a smooth ride and a high-performance suspension system. So you should still consider using a premium shock absorber like the Fox 2.0 in your trailer kit. While you might think your rear shock doesn't need an upgrade if you're just leveling the front, the same benefits of a great rear shock still apply at a standard height.

Best lift kits for trucks

When it comes to suspension lift kits, there are tons of different options, but each truck make and model uses a slightly different suspension design, which means that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all lift kit. For example, a 2007 Ram hard-front will require a very different lift kit than a 2020 Superduty, and an IFS-equipped Duramax 2500HD lift kit will look neither Ram nor Ford. So which lift kit is best for your particular truck? Let's break it down by brand and discuss the best lift kit for each truck.

The best lift kit for Ram

The Cummins diesel engine is one of the reasons the Ram Heavy Duty pickup truck is so popular, and while the engine is known for its reliability and fuel efficiency, the standard RAM suspension can leave a little to be desired. If you're looking for the best leveling kit or suspension system for your Ram truck, look no further than Carli. They have some of the best suspension lift kits designed to improve the function and ride quality of your solid axle piston, and of course, they lift the truck so you can install bigger wheels and tires.

Its 3-inch boot system includes new taller front coils with a lighter-than-factory spring rate that greatly improves ride quality and comfort, and it also comes with a new set of Carli Signature Series shocks, specifically designed to work with your pens. . . This kit lets you run a tire up to 35" tall, but also gets 50% more travel than stock, making it the perfect suspension on and off the road. Taller and smoother than the stock vehicle , for optimal performance and better ride quality, it is recommended to upgrade the starter kit with extended Carli forks, adjustable tie rods and your front torsion bar.

Best lift for Ford

Ford used two different suspension layouts throughout the Superduty model, the first was a solid front axle with leaf springs used from 1999 to 2004 and the second was the updated coil spring and radial arm setup used from 2005 to present . Of course everyone will use a different lift kit design. So if you have an early Superduty and want to increase it, the BDS suspension has you covered. It's worth noting here that while it's perfectly acceptable to raise the rear of a leaf spring vehicle with jack blocks, you should NEVER install jack blocks on the front of a 4WD leaf spring suspension. BDS offers a 2" leveling kit that comes with taller front springs and a set of four shocks, allowing you to run tires up to 33". If you want to go up to a 35" tire, BDS also offers a 4" lift kit with even higher front springs and rear jack blocks to raise the rear to match the front wheel.

For the 2005-to-present coil-spring Superduty, the BDS has everything from a simple coil spacer and shock kit that will give you 2 inches of lift and enough clearance to run a 35-inch-deep tire all the way up to 8 inches. Kit suitable for 38 inch solid tyres. The 4-inch and 6-inch BDS kits can optionally come with new spoke arms that correct suspension geometry in elevated application without having to rely on a lower spoke arm mount, and still offer shocks in multiple height options that convert your suspension front end in a 4-link configuration for the best off-road performance.

The best lift kit for Chevy and GMC

GM is the only manufacturer currently making ¾ ton and 1 ton trucks with independent front suspension, but unlike their half ton brethren, the HD trucks use a torsion bar spring instead of a leaf or coil spring. The independent front suspension offers excellent road handling and ride quality and can also offer a little more ground clearance than a solid front axle, but for lifting an IFS truck the parts look very different.

For trips 3 inches or less, a leveling kit from Cognito will do the job just fine. It comes with new differently indexed torsion bar braces than the original ones that raise the front of the truck. However, to keep the suspension working properly in its new elevated position, longer Fox 2.0 shocks were included along with the new upper control arms. The control arms are shaped differently to allow for a corrected ball joint angle and more sag or upstroke in the suspension.

If you want to lift the suspension more than 3 inches on a GM IFS truck and want the best lift kit, revisit the BDS suspension. Its 6.5" suspension system for GM HD 2011-2019 trucks allows it to accommodate wheels up to 37". Due to the increased height, this lift kit comes with a lot more brackets and hardware needed to relocate the suspension components, but the one thing that sets the BDS lift kit apart from the crowd is its unique torsion bar attachment. Normally, lifting an IFS truck requires lowering the torsion bars and cross member under the truck, which looks awkward and can take up valuable ground clearance, but the BDS kit keeps the cross member and cross member in place on the frame rails. and offsets the opposite end at the lower wishbone. This gives the truck a much cleaner profile from the side, but also gives it more ground clearance, which is extremely useful when driving off-road.

Best elevator upgrades

Almost all lift kits have optional extras you can install to further improve your truck's performance, but what are the best upgrades? If you have rear springs with lift blocks, drawbars like BDS Recoil or Kryptonite Full Floating Traction Bars should be the most important upgrade to your lift kit. Due to the additional leverage on the axle of a lift block, the chance of coiling the rear spring (and breaking the part) is significantly increased, but a drawbar can keep your diesel's rear suspension lifted firmly off the ground. Break U-joints. excessive wheel bounce.

When lifting a truck with a solid front axle, you should always choose Carli, Synergy, BD Power, or Rock Krawler heavy duty or adjustable lift. This allows the front axle to remain centered under the truck in the raised position, and is made from a more durable material with better sealing for longer service life. Also, installing longer control arms on a 4-link truck like the 2012 and earlier Ram 3500 (2013 and earlier Ram 2500) will keep the wheels centered in the fender opening and less likely to rub the tires on the fender opening. back of the truck. fenders when turning.

With raised GM trucks, you should definitely upgrade your steering components at the same time as installing a lift kit. The original steering linkage on 2001 and newer GM HD trucks is quite fragile, and the larger tires and higher suspension angles quickly increase wear and tear and can easily damage original components. While not directly related to the suspension lift kit, a stronger tie rod and center link along with an upgraded Kryptonite or Cognito pitman arm and linkage arm will do wonders to increase the durability and strength of your GM IFS truck, especially when driving your IFS. offroad truck.

DPP lift kits and more

The best place to buy a lift kit for your diesel truck is, of course, from us here at Diesel Power Products! We stock a wide range of lift kits, leveling kits, drawbars and even steering and suspension components for all major diesel trucks. The best part is that we have enthusiasts and experts. So if you have any questions about your specific application or are unsure which lift kit is best suited for your needs, don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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