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Arbitration Forums is the nation's largest provider of arbitration and subrogation services, serving the insurance and claims industries effectively and efficiently. In disputes between insurers who have outstanding claims with another insurer, the dispute usually goes to court to decide which insurer owes the claim. However, arbitration forums provide a forum where these claims can be heard efficiently and effectively through arbitration with experts in the nature of the claim.

This member-focused organization allows members to avoid expensive and exhausting activities.litigationand resolve your disputes quickly and smoothly. This article focuses on the exceptional services provided by Arbitration Forums, the process of organizing Arbitration Forums Inc, and the history of the organization to help participants or potential members understand the benefits that membership in Arbitration Forums Inc. can bring.

Arbitration and Subrogation Services:

Arbitration Forums Inc.The surrogacy service provider offersarbitrationand resource services for the insurance industry. Arbitration services are similar to standard arbitration services: the parties present their positions to the arbitrator and the arbitrator makes a decision on the dispute.Be one of the most effective.Alternatives to Dispute Resolution, EUIt usually arises from a dispute between companies over fault and liability.

Subrogation, on the other hand, arises from an insurer's ability to assert a claim against another insurer or party to recover money it has already paid for a claim. Arbitration forums provide these services to their member organizations through their arbitrators and members.

How the organization works:

Arbitration Forums Inc. surrogacy service provider roles when sharingrefereeamong its members and providing resources to resolve insurance claims disputes. The Arbitration Forum team handles over 953,000 arbitrations and two million appeal requests. Member organizations provide arbitrators to arbitration forums. These arbitrators are employees of member organizations and must have three to five years experience as a claims adjuster, usually in the area in which they wish to arbitrate. Arbitration forums train these arbitrators and then assign claims to them. Arbitration Forums is a member-oriented organization that aims to provide its member organizations with the best arbitrators and services, and assist them efficiently and effectively.resolve conflicts.

A brief history of Arbitration Forums Inc:

The idea of ​​resolving insurance claims through arbitration rather than litigation grew out of the success of a program in New York City in which a group of insurers offered to arbitrate among themselves for physical and motor vehicle resources and obtained success with your solutions. . . By reducing litigation and associated costs, insurers were able to improve their relationships, making the intercompany arrangement more attractive, and the idea continued to grow and spread. Additional areas of insurance and resources have been added over the years, expanding the Arbitration Forums team and the issues they resolve. Today, the Arbitration Forums is the leading, respected and recognized not-for-profit organization for arbitration and appeal between insurance agencies and their customers.

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The complaint decision process:

There are some key steps and considerations that Arbitration Forums Inc uses to decide arbitration and appeal claims. This is based on the Arbitration Forum Rules published atyour site. It's important to note that while most claims follow this basic process, some claims have specific rules for specific steps or considerations, so it's always best to check the website for specific claims questions. These steps include:

Responsibility:Arbitration Forums Inc shall have jurisdiction over the dispute. This means that the organizations making the claims are affiliated and that they are affiliatedagreed to submit your claim to arbitrationabout litigation. It also means that the dispute arose as a result of an accident in the United States, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.

litigation:In cases where a dispute between organizations should have been submitted to arbitration but is submittedlitigation, the opposing party may request arbitration and the party that filed the claim must reject it within 60 days. In that case, however, the party seeking arbitration waives any right to challenge the jurisdiction of the Arbitration Forums.

Critical:One of the two companies or parties in thedisputeYou must submit the claim to the Arbitration Forums requesting a hearing of the claim. They are known as candidates. The other party or parties are called the counterparty.

Multiple Claims:Arbitration Forums Inc treats separate party claims arising out of the same accident, incident or event and concurrent claims or different lines of coverage as separate claims and shall be treated as such.

Additional parts:The defendant may add other named parties and/or argue the negligence of unnamed parties. The complaining party has the option of modifying its claim request against other parties or rejecting it to file only a claim against the added parties.

Application:The request is made through the Arbitration Forum website.

Responder:The Response will also be posted by the Respondent Party on the Arbitration Forums Inc website.

due date:Once the case is accepted, the arbitration forums assign a "material expiration date". Parties must submit all responses, modifications, reschedule requests, and evidence other than physical evidence by this date.

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Counterclaim:If the Respondent Party has a counterclaim, it must file it against the Notifying Party at the same time as responding to the Notifying Party on the website.

Affirmative defense:All defenses or affirmative writings must be presented or will be annulled.

postponement:Parties may request to postpone a claim for up to one year if permitted by the arbitration forums.

Mesa:The case is usually decided by an arbitrator. However, parties may request a panel of three if the requested amount exceeds $15,000. it comes with ahigher rate.

Referee Disputes:Arbitrators should not act in a case where their company is a party or where their interests may be decided.

Clarification:The arbitrator may request the parties to submit memorandums to clarify the allegations. If not received by the due date, the case will proceed as filed.

Consideration:The evidence and arguments the arbitrator may consider are limited to (1) affirmative arguments or defenses, (2) requests for stay, (3) evidence listed and attached, (4) value, which may vary depending on the nature of the arbitration entered; and (5) disputed damages.

Procedure:Rules of evidence do not apply to hearings and the environment is often informal and confidential.

spoken test:Any discussion between the parties and the arbitrator must serve only to clarify what has been written or to present claims. The arbitrator shall seek such clarification and no declaration may be made. Any statement outside these rules is not conclusive and cannot be considered.

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witnesses:Witness statements must be written and presented with the other evidence. Witnesses may only provide information at the arbitrator's request.

Standard Judgments:Trials by default are not allowed, but the case must be decided on the basis of the evidence presented.

Awards: awardsmust be paid within 30 days. If they are not paid, the requesting party notifies the Arbitral Forum, which informs the uncontested party of the award. If the premium is still not paid after another 30 days, the requesting party may bring legal action against the party to collect the premium.

Claims:Any party that appeared at the original hearing may file a claim, provided that it meets certain value requirements, which vary depending on the nature of the claim filed.

Arbitration forums streamline the process by automating the issuance of electronic funds transfers (EFTs) and processing arbitration awards received and payments made via EFT once the parties have reached an agreement.village.

The advantages of using arbitration forums:

The insurance industry uses Arbitration Forums Inc because it allows them to receive their claims quickly and at a much lower cost than filing a lawsuit. It gives the insurance industry a process for resolving your claims in front of people with industry knowledge and experience, rather than having to explain your issues to a judge who may have very little experience in the insurance claims industry. Arbitration also allows the parties to keep their proceduresconfidential, an option not allowed intraditional litigation. And at the end of the arbitration, the plaintiffs have a decision on the claim that binds the parties, with a commitment to act if the decision is not complied with. Overall, arbitration forums provide an effective and efficient way to easily resolve complicated insurance claims, which explains why so many companies choose arbitration forums to resolve their disputes.


Arbitration Forums Inc is a leader in providing arbitration and appellate services to insurance companies and the people they serve. By focusing on building a member-driven organization that sought to address its members' recovery and resolution needs where they needed help, a forum was created where members could listen and resolve their most important disputes. It also allows members to follow a clean and orderly process that is similar to a standard arbitration process, but tailors the process to the specific needs of member organizations and their grievances. It also allows claims adjusters to proceed with their claims without having to litigate the claim for all of them.TrialIt is submitted in writing and testimonials are not allowed. As an organization founded and built around the success of its members and the resolution of their claims, the Arbitration Forums truly provide its members with unrivaled service and keep insurers and their customers happy.

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