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1 THE LEADING NEWSPAPER OF VERMILION PARISH AND ABBEVILLE SINCE 1856 AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER DEDICATED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF VERMILION PARISH MEMBER OF LOUISIANA PRESS ASSOCIATION MEMBER OF NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE PARISH OF VERMILION VOLUME 95. CONSOLIDATED ABBEVILLE PROGRESS JANUARY 4, 1944 ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA, SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1945 No. 26 at rt If fl 111 To Address Lions In Pacific Battles THE Bankers of S. W. La. Discuss G. I. Bill at Meet Here F.S.A. Has Aided Farmers to Become Better Organized S. ilk Vermilion Farm Transportation Group Disbands R. W. Greene, chairman of the Vermilion Parish Farm Transportation Committee, was advised that effective July 1st the Transportation Committee, who for the past, three years has been assisting farmers of the parish with their gasoline and truck problems, has been discharged. Farmers will now have to take these matters up directly with the Local O.P.A. ration board and the District O.D.T. Office in Baton Rouge. Mr. Greene explains that farmers should look to gasoline and truck dealers for the necessary forms instead of going to the A.A.A. Office as in the past. The committee in this Parish was composed of R. W. Greene, Cow Island; Theogene Brasseaux, Henry; Harry Schriefer, Perry; A. H. Ro-maine, Kaplan; and Nelson Fruge, Gueydan. These men have met on their own time at least twice a month for the past three years and a most valuable service to our farmers was rendered, Mr. Greene pointed out. Oil Well Completed in Erath Field; Permit Is Issued to Drill One Well Pilot Light By RALPH R. BIENVENU JACK LEDET, my insurance agent pal, was in a pickle the other day Jack was having his car fixed he asked a pal to take him over to the garage the pal parked back of the courthouse and Jack opened the door on the traffic side and another car just. pushed in the door and damaged pal's car gnd the other car Jack then had three cars on his hands to be fixed but everything worked out satisfactorily lache pas la patate. J. G. SIMON says that if the war ends in a few days he won't be able to sound his famous whistle to mark the victory Gladu says he's got hay fever and he just can't whistle. WE DON'T BELIEVE IT but they say that Bill Broussard, our postal delivery man, went all over town to deliver a package to MR. WILLIAM BROUSSARD finally he asked himself: 'Now who is Villi3m Broussard?" "Why that's me," Bill said to himself so he delivered Bankers in Louisiana as well as others throughout the nation can render a vital service for the returning veterans by advising them and aiding in their rehabilitation through the service men's re-adjustment act which provides the financing of veterans for the purchase of homes, to enter business or buy equipment, declared Walter W. Schrade-r, New Orleans, member of the American Bankers Association committee for service to war veterans, who address- ed Southwest Louisiana Bankers at a meeting here Friday afternoon. Mr. Schrader who is vice-president of the National, Bank of Commerce of New Orleans, declared that his bank won't make a dime out of the G. I. Loans but pointed out to the bankers that the least the bankers could do would be to repay the veterans for their service to the world by rendering them the services that the bankers are familiar with capable of handling. James C. Atkins, Shreveport, president of the Louisiana Bankers Association, declared that a great deal of public relations work will have to be done by the bankers with the returning veterans. He expressed the hope that all bankers in Louisiana will join in the program to aid the veterans. Of the 380,000 men drafted in the service only ten percent have returned up to now and the processing of these G. I. loans are still in the experimental stage, he pointed out. R. Irby Didier, secretary of the Louisiana Bankers Association, announced that his office was completing arrangements to provide the service officers in the various parishes of the state with complete information in connection with the G. I. Bill so that these officers can also assist in solving the financial problems of the returning veterans. The secretary stated that the meeting of bankers are being continued in Louisiana. Frank W. Kerksieck, Abbeville, president of the Southwest Louisiana Clearing House Association, presided at the meeting in Abbeville. The Vermilion parish bankers were hosts at a luncheon at the River Oaks following the business session. i The bankers attending the meeting were J. E. Schwing, New Iberia; A. E. Scheidt, Abbeville; R. E. Golden, Erath; A. A. LeJeune, Kaplan; -E. L. Terrier, Abbeville; M. J. Lege, Abbeville; Jacques R. Bienvenu, St. Martinville; James Bienvenu, St. Martinville; J. R. Simon, Kaplan; A. C. Gauthier, St. Martinville; Leon J. Minvielle, New Iberia; James L. Martin, St. Martinville; P. H. Mara-ist, St. Martinville; E. W. Henry, Abbeville; P. E. Fremeaux, Rayne Paul R. Breaux, Rayne; James Atkins, Shreveport; Walter M. Schrae- der, New Orleans; F. W. Kerksieck, Abbeville; J. Ferdie Hebert, New Iberia; M. E. Harrington, Abbeville; A. S. Dubois, Erath. The guests at the meeting were Charles C. LeBlanc, service officer for Vermilion parish, and Ralph R. Bienvenu, Abbeville newspaperman. Brother of Felix J. Samson Dies in N. O. pip! iiilii Illll mm Eldredge Broussard, Rdm. 3c, son of Mr. and Mrs. Didier Broussard of New Orleans has been in the service 19 months. After completing his basic training in San Diego, California, he was sent to a Radar school in Seattle, Washington, and from there was sent overseas. He has served 13 months overseas taking part in the invasions of Leyte, Luzon and several others. He is now somewhere in the Netherland East Indies. mm Captain Paul A. Bourgeois Awarded Bronze Star Medal With the Seventh Armored Divi sion in Europe Capt. Paul A. Bourgeois, of 6085 State Street, Abbe ville, recently was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service with the 440th Armored Field Artillery Battalion. He is the husband of Mrs. Theresa Bourgeois of Abbeville. His citation reads part as fol lows: "Assuming command of a battalion Section during the drive across France, Captain Bourgeois quickly rK-ided hjs unit into a highly effi cient The outstanding manner in which he maintained important maps aided the battalion's leaders greatly in planning current and future operations. On numerous occa sions he moved to forward positions to gain first-hand information on the constantly changing combat picture. By his tireless and effective work Capt. Bourgeois played an important part in forging the battalion's record of success agamst-the enemy. Before entering the Army four years ago he was supervisor of the Farm Security Administration. He was graduated from Louisiana State University in 1940. SHOOTS WIFE, KILLS SELF Lake Charles, La. Wilfred Le Boeuf, 27 years old, shot and killed his estranged wife, Edna, 29, and then killed himself with the same gun, according to Sheriff Henry Reid. Mrs. LeBoeuf had started sep aration proceedings several days be fore the double tragedy, the sheriff said. PRESENTED OAK LEAF CLUSTER Pfc. Maurice Landry stated in a letter to. his cousin, Yvonne Landry of Erath, that he was presented an Oak Leaf Cluster for being wounded in action. He said he was wounded for the second time. He stated that he might go back to France soon. MAKING SURVEY OF DEALERS A survey of all dealers handling new ice boxes, used vacuum cleaners, and used domestic gas cooking ranges is now being conducted throughout the New Orleans OPA District, Mr. Goldberg, chairman of the Vermilion parish price panel, announced today. Approximately 700 dealers throughout the District will be visited. CHECK FAN PRICES Purchasers of window fans are urged to check ceiling1 prices before buying, Mr. Goldberg, chairman of Vermilion parish War Price and Rationing Board, said today. No more should be paid for a fan purchased now than the same model fan would have sold in March, 1942, says Mr. Goldberg. AWARDED SILVER STAR MEDAL Second Lieut. Fcnwick J. Thi-beaux, husband of Mrs. Marie L. Thi- beaux of Route 2. Box 2fi2. Abbe ville, was awarded the Silver Star Medal posthumously. He was a platoon leader and narticinated in the Normandy, Northern France and merman campaigns. RESTRICT CANNED MILK SALES Institutional and industrial users are no longer permitted to use their red points for canned milk, I. M. Goldberg, chairman of the Vpmittinn parish War Price and Rationing Board said today. J. F. Noel, chairman, and other members of the Vermilion Farisn Farm Security Administration Ad visory Committee, have just received I a report from E. B. hitaker, re gional FSA director, listing the ol 1-1 1 1 lowing acnievemenis 01 tne agency and its borrowers during the three and one-half war years since Pearl Harbor Rehabilitated 22,356 farm family borrowers into the paid-up class. (Ark. La. Miss. 6,613) Reduced outstanding rehabilita tion loans from $73,400,000 to 609,000. Repayments on loans including interest, total $59,598,030, compared with $47,395,397 in loans during same period. (Repayments Ark. La. Miss $22,740,559. Loans Ark. 860; La. Miss. 756,319.) Made special flood restoration loans to farmers in 37 flood-damaged counties. Graduated 346 farm owners who paid off their 40 year loans in less than eight years. (Ark. 158; La. 50; 1V11SS. Made 3,001 tenant-purchase loans under Bankhead-Jones Act. (Ark. 926; La. 717; Miss. 1,358. Followed rigid hold-the-line policy against land inflation by refusing to make loans for purchasing farms at prjees greater than long-time agricultural values. Made FSA loans to 176 veterans of World War II, including 8 for farm purchases. (Ark. 69; La. 37; Miss. 70.) Trained and maintained county committees for certifying agricultural loans to veterans under G. I. Bill of Rights. Sold 2,169 farm units on resettlement projects, or more than 80 per cent of total, in response to Congress' mandate to liquidate the projects. Cancelled all 99-year leases on resettlement projects as prerequisite to final liquidation. Maintained service. to borrowers in' every county, with only one-third as many employees now as in 1941. FSA families, each year, have won special recognition for increased war food production, both for home use and for market. All FSA activities have been placed on a more practical basis by delegation of more responsibility to local FSA supervisors and through more effective use of county FSA committees. FSA employees in region purchased $809,313 in war bonds, in addition to purchases through payroll deductions not counted in special war bond drives. More than 500 FSA employes given furloughs to enter military duty. Of. even greater satisfaction than any of the above is the fact that the borrowers, on the average, have greatly increased their security on the land, their incomes and net worth, have improved their living standards, assumed more fully their obligations and are participating more freely in community activities. In short, they have become better Mrs. Paul C. Broussard Dies in Iberia Parish Mrs. Paul C. Broussard, nee Sue Smith, the wife of Paul C. Broussard, Petty Officer Second Class of the U. S. Navy who has been in the Pacific the past fourteen months and who was a former resident of Abbeville, died Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock at her mother's home near New Iberia. Those from Abbeville who attended the funeral which was held in New Iberia were "Mrs. Clobule Broussard and daughter Miss Norma Broussard, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Broussard, Mr. and Mrs. Gladue Trahan, Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Broussard, Mr. and Mrs. L. R. LeBlanc, Mrs. Vorhies Mouton, Mrs. Ovey Lalande, Mrs. Alvin Picard and Mrs. B. B. LeBlanc. The daughter of Mrs. Noemie De-Rouen and the late Clarence Smith, Mrs. Broussard is also survived by a sister, Mrs. Roy Marsalis. The rites were conducted in the St. Peter's Catholic Church in New Iberia Monday and burial was in the Rynella Cemetery in Iberia parish. i mm TWO ABBEVILLE SOLDIERS STAY TOGETHER AND FIGHT SIDE BY SIDE IN BATTLES Pfc. B. L. LeBlanc and Pfc. Paul- enar Lege, both of Abbeville, have been in the service three years and overseas ten months. They have always been together and fought side by side in the battles in Belgium Holland and Germany. Pfc. LeBlane's wife, the former Gertie Hargrave, resides in Abbeville. Pfc. and Mrs. LeBlanc have a daughter named Betty Lou. PRESENTED BRONZE STAR Pfc. Minus J. Romero of Abbeville as beenh awarded the Bronze Star, it was announced. J. L. FLETCHER President of S.L.I. President J. L. Fletcher of South western Louisiana Institute of La fayette will be the featured speaker at the program for the installation of the new officers of the Abbeville Lions Club which will be held here Tuesday night at 8:30 o'clock, it was announced by President Harry J. Landry. The officers who will be installed include T. A. Smith, president; Roy Richardson, first vice-president; Wil-mer Peets, second vice-president; Lloyd Dore, third vice-president; C. T. Hill, secretary; F. M. Beatty, treasurer; George Schlessinger, Lion tamer; Bert Maillian, tail twister; Ralph R. Bienvenu, Harry Schriefer, members of the board. The installation of officers will be conducted during a banquet which will be held in Ben's Bar and Dining Room. Appointments for Catholic Churches in Parish Listed Appointments of priests for the Lafayette Diocese were announced by the Most Reverend Jules B. Jean-mard, bishop of the diocese. The Reverend J. R. Dubus, former assistant pastor in St. Martinville, was appointed administrator of St. Ann's Church at Cow Island. The Reverend Ernest Moreau, former pastor at St. Ann's Church was appointed chaplain at the De La Salle Normal in Lafayette. The Reverend Lee Schexnayder was named assistant pastor at the St. Mary Magdalene church in Abbeville. The Rev. Schexnayder succeeds the Reverend Michael Benedict who was assigned to St. John's Cathedral in Lafayette. Rites Held for Youth Killed in Accident New Iberia, La. Funeral services were conducted at the Delcambre Catholic church Monday morning at 10 a. m. for Raymond Martin, 19-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Martin. Young Martin was killed Saturday near Marrero as the result of a motorcycle collision with an automobile. According to reports, the vehicle of the men collided when Joseph Butler, negro, pulled into the left lane of the highway in an attempt to pass another car. He is survived by his parents, two brothers, Francis and Leon, one sister, Rosanna. Eighteen Million Dollars In General Fund Surplus Baton Rouge, La. Gov, James H. Davis, in a prepared financial statement to members of the state legislature, announced a surplus in the state general fund, as of June 30, 1945, of approximately $18,000,000 and suggested it be expended for Viio-hwavs and flood control and drainage, and institutional im-V provement and rehabilitation. Davis said in the report that he expected an excess in the second year of the biennium, bringing the general fund surplus on June 30, 1946, to approximately $20,000,000. $452,300 in Bonds Bought By Corporations in Drive Chairman F. W. Kerksieck of the committee in charge of the sale of bonds to corporations announced that $452,300 had been sold during the Seventh War Loan Drive and credited to Vermilion's quota. The total in corporation and coupon bonds which was sold and previously reported was $442,300. The recent sale includes $10,000 purchased by Liberty Farms, Inc. CETS PRESIDENTIAL CITATION Pfc. Roman A. Boudreaux, son of Oleus P. Boudreaux, Route 1, Box 22, Maurice, has been awarded the Presidential Citation Ribbon for outstanding service in combat aerainst the enemy Oermany. 0 the package to himself HEY COCO. BURT WEBB played the part of a hero last Sunday when he rescued a New Orleans lady who had fallen from a skiff into Jefferson Lake the lady who was admiring the beautiful flowers had gathered a few of the flowers and turned around to get another view of the lake when she lost her balance and fell out of the skiff which was being rowed by Hero Webb of course they couldn't get back in the skiff but the two were picked up by another boat. A. S. LANDRY says that dances end other entertainments at his Silver Star Club will continue during the time the place is being repainted and reriovated a Fourth of July Dance is announced for Wednesday, July 4 a formal dance later on will mark the completion of the renovation work. THE MODERN GIRLS are live wires they carry practically no insulation. ITS A PAIR NOW for Mr. and Mrs. Clemille Brasseaux of Abbeville their son, named. John Wayne, was born in the Palms Hospital in Abbeville Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock their daughter, Di-anna, who is three years old i3 all thrilled with the arrival of her little brother Mrs. Brasseaux is the former Anna LeBoeuf congrat-ulations. A. SON, named Paul Steven, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Meldon (Tee Dan) Duplantis in Lafayette Monday, June 25 Tee Dan is the Meridional's pressman Mrs. Duplantis is the former Amy Bourque of Youngsville Paul Steven is their third son congratulations. POSTMASTER EDW. LEBLANC says that J. Elliott Cade is all wrong about Rural Route Carrier John Stansbury's three-tone whistle Postmaster Tee says that Cade probably does not know how to hold his mouth to produce the beautiful and melodious tones the instrument is capable of producing Cade says that Stansbury's whistle is a two-tone instead of a three-tone whistle and that it sounds more like the fog horn which, goes (B-O). LANEST TOUPS, my barber pal, says that there is nothing uglier than a man with long hair over his eyes or with bushy uncombed hair yes, you guessed it, Toups is a member of the Baldhead Club we agree. AROUND TOWN The topic of conversation in Abbeville these days is the weather IT IS HOT with cold drinks getting scarce we are just getting back to the old reliable ICE WATER the Get is re-opening Monday work is about completed on the renovation and the enlarging of the Abbeville Clinic many improvements have been made at the Palms Hospital the building owned by Frenzel Pere across from the Catholic Church is being renovated and will be occupied by a jewelry store a new floor was put in the Morgan Lindsey Store. MARRIAGE LICENSE was issued to Logy Toups and Hazel Pen-in of Kaplan. MARRIAGE LICENSE was issued to Fernand Joseph Broussard and Etta Gerard of Delcambre. MARRIAGE LICENSE was issued to Valentine Detraz of Perry and Gladvs Dupray of Abbeville. MARRIAGE LICENSE was issued to Harris Touchet and Florine Bouil- lion of Abbeville. MARRIAGE LICENSE was issued, to Ulysse Duhon of Kaplan and Wil-ma Stevens of Humbolt, Illinois. MARRIAGE LICENSE was issued to James Bergeron of Berwick and Marjorie Abshire of Abbeville. MARRIAGE LICENSE was issued to Wallace Vincent, and Mavis Regina LeMaire of Kaplan. A SON, named Sidney Lee, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Pierre Eetrand at the Palms Hospital June 20 Mrs. Bertrand is the former Helen Louise Bourque congratulations. (Continued on Back Page) Completion of one oil well in Vermilion parish during the past week was announced by the state conservation department. The well which was completed was the Texas Company's No. 33-3 Erath Unit in the Erath Oil Field which produced 229 barrels through a 9-64 check. A permit was issued for the drilling of another well in Vermilian parish. The permit was issued to the Texas Company for the drilling of their No. 1 D. Tapkenhinrichs in the Erath oil field. July 2 Last Day to Buy 1946 Auto Use Tax Stamps j. O. Fernandez, Collector of Internal New Orleans, Louisiana, desires to inform owners of motor vehicles that the last day for the purchase of motor vehicle use tax stamps is Monday, July 2, 1945. He emphatically stated that the law provides a $25.00 penalty for persons using or permitting the use of their vehicles before the tax is paid, and a $25.00 penalty for using a vehicle which does not have the stamp affixed to it. All owners of motor vehicles who have not purchased this stamp by July 2, 1945, will definitely be subject to these penalties. Mr. Fernandez asserted that the stamp is to be placed on the inner side of the lower righthand corner of the windshield of thevehjcle. Abbeville Man Appointed District Deputy of K. of C. Lloyd Dore, prominent local civic worker, has bfeen appointed District Deputy of the Knights of Columbus by State Deputy Jerry Ryan of Lafayette, it was announced. Mr. Dore is a former Grand Knight of the Abbeville Council of the Knights of Columbus and is third vice-president of the Abbeville Lions Club. FARM LOANS FOR RETURNING SERVICE MEN The Farm Security Administration has been authorized by Congress to lend $25,000,000 in the next 12 months to returning service men who want to buy family size farms, and will start making- these earmarked loans on July 2, through more than 2,000 county offices. Part of an additional $25,000,000, not restricted for the use of veterans, also may be used to make loans to discharged service men. The loans, made under terms of the Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act of 1937, can cover the full purchase price of a farm and allow up to 40 years for repayment. They bear interest at 3 percent on the unpaid balance. Applicants must find for themselves the farms they wish to purchase. Each farm is appraised, and a loan is made only when the purchase price is in line with the farm's actual value, based on its long-range earning capacity. GETS GOOD CONDUCT RIBBON Staff Sg-t. Beverly C. Picard, son of Mrs. Nita Picard of Maurice, has been awarded the Good Conduct Kib- bon. He participated with the 13th armored division in the elimination of the Ruhr pocket and in the Danube REPORTS FOR REASSIGNMENT Pfc. Edward G. Abel, 26, of Abbeville, who served as an oxjen plant operator during 27 months in the Mediterranean theater, arrived recently at the Army Air Forces Redistribution Station in Miami, Florida. His wife, Mrs. Lita Abel, resides in Abbeville. Bought your "War Bond? Funeral rites were conducted in New Orleans Tuesday, June 19, for Charles J. Samson, who died Monday, June 18, in New Orleans. Burial was in the Metaire Cemetery in New Orleans. Surviving Mr. Samson are his widow, nee Laurence Nassans; four children, Corporal Charles J. Samson, USAAF, Mrs. Lawrence S. Kenny, Mrs. J. A. Courtenay, Mrs. Harry M. Beyer: two brothers. Felix J. Samson of Abbeville, Clement Samson; two sisters, Mrs. P. Co-lomb and Mrs. M. Lebeau; three grandchildren. Mr. Samson was a native of New Roads, and a resident of New Orleans for the past 20 years. Get Cafe to Reopen Monday Following Renovation The Get -Cafe which was comnlete- ly renovated will be re-opened Mon day July it was announced by Dee Lrooch and Leon Mayers, the new operators of the place. The establishment will be in charge of. Mr. and Mrs. Touis Savoie who have had many years experience in restaurant business in Lafayette. The place was repainted and new and modern equipment was installed. MUST OBTAIN PERMIT TO MOVE BUILDINGS IN KAPLAN An ordinance adopted" by the aldermen of the town of Kaplan prohibits the moving of houses or other building on the streets of the town without obtaining a permit from the superintendent of the water and light plant. BUY $7,000 IN BONDS The board of Aldermen in Kaplan, authorized the purchase of $7,000 in War Bonds including $4,000 from the Gas Fund and $3,000 from the Plant Fund.

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