7 OEM Body Parts for 5th Gen 4Runner - Full Review (2023)

OEM trunk accessories - is it worth it? Full review of the 5th Generation 4Runner

OEM trunk mods are a great way to improve the functionality and appearance of your trunk. They're cheap, easy to install and remove, and can offer some pretty cool benefits.

There are also some other trunk/luggage mounting options such asmoore panel,drawer system, ceiling systems and more. These offer good storage solutions and can be very efficient, but they are also expensive. If you have a big budget, these more expensive mods are good options depending on your goals. If you're on a budget or don't carry a lot of gear on a daily basis, some OEM mods may be better for you. It really depends on what you have and how you travel.

Either way, let's take a look at some of the best trunk mods or accessories you can add to your Toyota 4Runner.

find online

  1. Retractable back cover:check prices
  2. Factory Load Net Folder:check prices
  3. Factory Cargo Web Spider:check prices
  4. OEM luggage mat:check prices
  5. OEM Shipping:check prices
  6. Sliding Rear Cargo Area: Source Parts

Before we look at these accessories, let's take a look at why you might want to go with a factory accessory instead of an aftermarket one.

Why OEM?

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OEM products are genuine products manufactured by Toyota. This usually means they fit the 4Runner perfectly and maintain the car's factory appearance...but not always.

Some aftermarket cargo handling products can look worn and don't blend well with the interior. Basically, OEM trunk offerings add functionality to the cargo area without sacrificing the look of the interior.

However, aftermarket accessories for the Toyota 4Runner will definitely be great. Some of these options include;Floor coverings from Husky and WeatherTech, and other options such asAnimal protection lining in the rear luggage compartment.Some aftermarket accessories are trustworthy and some are not.

When it comes to Toyota Genuine Accessories, sometimes you want to stick with familiar and reliable parts for your 4Runner, such as wiper blades, brake pads and rotors.

But not all factory accessories are created equal. Check out the list below and let us know if you have any questions or comments in the comments section below.

1. Original trunk lid

7 OEM Body Parts for 5th Gen 4Runner - Full Review (3)

retractable tailgate

The factory tailgate is a retractable lid that sits a few feet above the trunk floor. It provides a lot of privacy and protection, but can easily be retracted or removed.

It's easy to peek through the 4Runner's windows to see what's inside. If your car is in a car park all day or overnight in a city centre, any valuables in the boot are at risk of being stolen. A cargo cover that covers the trunk area prevents any view into this area of ​​the car.

A cargo cover can also create some extra storage space. Lighter items can be placed on top of the lid if there is no other space below. We're talking blankets and very soft/light items here, no heavy items should be placed on top of the drop down luggage compartment.

Strawfoot covers are another option to keep the windows closed to prevent intruders or potential burglars from looking at your 4Runner. Max recently wrote a very detailed reviewStrawfoot gardinerFifth generation 4Runner.

A replacement for the actual retractable rails will fill in the gaps that the OEM version does not have. If you're looking for options to cover the rear cargo area, I'd definitely recommend the factory folding cargo sled, the upgraded aftermarket no-gap version, or check out Max's review of the Strawfoot window cover.

2. Factory Cargo Net folder

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folder network

Another great OEM accessory is the envelope cargo net.

It is a net that folds in half to hold items on the bottom. Cargo nets have many uses that make them a great accessory. If you have wet coats, dirty boots, umbrellas, etc., the cargo net keeps these items off the floor.

If you're training or playing, the net prevents balls, rackets and other things from rolling around and damaging your torso. Made of elastic mesh, the net expands as more items are added, easily accommodating almost anything. The net is also very close to the trunk opening. So you don't have to go far to use it.

The aftermarket options for cargo nets are almost endless. I'd recommend sticking with the Toyota factory cargo net on this one, but there's also a half-price option with good reviews. The OEM Toyota cargo net is bullet proof though and we use it a lot.

3. Factory Cargo Web Spider

7 OEM Body Parts for 5th Gen 4Runner - Full Review (6)

General Ground Grid

For reference, the cargo hold floor is approximately 42" X 42", but don't quote me on that. If you have a net, you need something that fits the gear, so 42″X50″ or even 50″X50″ will do. Plus, if the mesh is too small, you can always make up for it with tight straps. For example 38"X38".

The Factory Cargo Net is an easy way to store items in one place in the trunk of your car.

A spider web is a wide, stretchable web that is attached to plastic hooks in the torso area. It covers whatever you put in the trunk and prevents things from sliding around. This is great for large boxes, coolers, balls, play equipment and other heavy items that can move around and damage your interior.

The net is designed to hold things down, whereas the envelope net is designed to hold things up.

If you are looking for the web, another option is the popular oneRainer Net.However, if you start looking at Raingler nets, there are plenty of other affordable alternatives on Amazon, such as the Gladiator Cargo Net. The gladiator net is extremely high quality and durable.

You can grab some carabiners or clip straps and attach each corner of the cargo net to the D-rings on the 4Runner. This will give you a solution strong enough to protect everything in your cargo area.

On the other side of your floor you have your roof. Already a lotDIY attic makeoverDone at Trail4R.com. This is actually a very popular modification, even companies like Rago Fabrication and Blue Ridge Overland do itSpecial Gen 5 4Runner Storage Loft KitDepending on exactly what you want to protect, you can look into a storage loft.

4. Luggage mat

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Cargo mat or liner:

If you want to maintain a clean and protected trunk, putting carpets on the trunk floor or pushing the rear tire won't work. Carpets get dirty easily and are difficult to clean.

Cargo mats are the perfect solution to this problem. Toyota offers cargo pad options for standard third-row seats and sliding rear cargo area. They are ideal for providing maximum coverage of the cargo area. Toyota has designed them to be easy to remove and wash. The mat is made of soft, elastic material that you can clean with rubber or a damp towel. In terms of protection, the cargo mat is by far the most effective at protecting the trunk of any other accessory.

I also really like the OEM cargo mats because they look really nice. The black mat isn't trashy at all, it looks like it's in the trunk, and the "Toyota" lettering on the mat adds to the coolness. Overall, the mat's protection and functionality make it a must-have OEM accessory, but it's not the only option for the 4Runner.

There are plenty of aftermarket options here. you have all kindsAftermarket matschoose with mePrecision cut liningMost options for floor covering and floor mats in the hold are very similar. Although as with most industries, some brands are better than others.

Husky and WeatherTech are known for having some of the best liners and cargo mats on the market. Between these two companies, you can't go wrong, but that doesn't mean you won't find other pretty solid stuff on Amazon.

5. OEM shipping tote bag

7 OEM Body Parts for 5th Gen 4Runner - Full Review (8)


Shelves are the only accessory I don't recommend.

It's overpriced for what you get, especially considering it doesn't look like a real accessory, and in fact it's not even Toyota branded. The cargo compartment is a collapsible fabric bag that provides organized storage in your luggage. It can hold cleaning supplies, shopping bags, sports equipment and anything else that fits in your pocket. While an item like this can be useful, the exact same item on Amazon costs less than half and is a much more affordable option.

6. Sliding rear trunk

Another OEM product is the sliding rear cargo area, which is more of a modification than an accessory.

The rails are bolted to the joist floor and the sliding platform is placed over the rails. The deck can be slid to half and full length and can withstand a weight of up to 400 kg. This sliding feature allows easy access to items in the back of your luggage. The tire is great for tailgates because it can hold a lot of weight and at the same time provide more space. It's also great for the grocery store when it's difficult to reach for bags in the back of the trunk.

The platform is low budget compared to other OEM accessories, so you need to think about whether it's something you need before buying, but I've loved it since I got it.

If you like the sliding tray feature but feel it doesn't provide enough storage space, consider a rear drawer system. Brennan recently wrote onearticleIn Truck Vault USA's premium drawer system. These drawer systems maximize the storage space in your vehicle's trunk. A complete drawer system can be the ultimate command center for any of your adventures. However, drawer systems typically cost upwards of $1,000, making it a more expensive option compared to sliding pallets.

Cargo tray parts (if you don't have one):

  • Lower pallet carpet lining
  • Rail assembly
  • Horizontal storage bins and load straps
  • Cargo ties (2x)
  • sliding hill
  • Carpet underlay (1x)
  • Carpeted Access Cover (2x)
  • all mounting hardware

Item number:

  • 58400-3501 rail assembly
  • Disksamling 58410-35020-c2
  • Lower carpet assembly 58570-35160-c1
  • Anchor Assembly (×2) 64722-35010-c0
  • Left Disc Cover 58704-35010-c2
  • Right Disc Cover 58703-35010-c2
  • Ground cover box 58480-35041-c2
  • Sliding bracket left 58457-35010
  • Sliding bracket right 58456-35010

Toyota does not sell the entire load plate as a set. You must order each individual component separately. We will update the website with a step-by-step overview of changing the skid plate from the Trail Edition 4Runner to the SR5 4Runner.

final thoughts

7 OEM Body Parts for 5th Gen 4Runner - Full Review (10)

Genuine OEM accessories are a great way to improve the functionality of your boots. They provide protection and organization without spoiling the appearance of the interior.

In general, OEM accessories are not "cheap", but they are an alternative to other expensive aftermarket options.

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