2022 Dodge Durango ProS and CONS. Do you buy? (2023)

Durango 2022 is one of the only three vehicles that Dodge is now producing. This SUV tries to give drivers the emotions they would find in the charger or challenger, as well as practicality and comfort. There are many things that can be praisedFor the new Durango they are consumers compared to some things that remain a problem. If the consumer makes the intelligent purchase an intelligent purchase compared to an intelligent consumer in 2022?

What is new to 2022?

This year, all Durango models are equipped with blind spot monitoring and rear alarm trafficking. All that also has rear parking sensors. Before 2022, Durango was serial without driver's help, so these changes areDefinitely good, other features that contain the characteristics that the characteristics have in all models are now an adjustable driver seat in electricity and ceiling rails.

Perhaps the most significant change of this year refers to the seats. A third row is now standard, that Durango's room for up to seven./T more model, now has a solar roof and a premium sound system by Harman Kardon.

2022 Dodge Durango ProS and CONS. Do you buy? (1)

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The 10 main reasons to buy a Dodge Durango Professional 2022

1. Strong towing capacity

Durango carries out the performance with its performance capacity. The standard -V6 under the hood can be equipped to £ 6,200 stand go. This is a leading class number.

2. Simple technology for a large touch screen

Uconnect is standard for Durango 2022. This information and entertainment system is generally considered one of the most friendly in the market.and four USB connections. The superior completion of Amazon Alexa wireless integration, the load of wireless devices and much more.

3. Strong V8 Available

The standard engine for the Durango 2022 is a 3.6 L-V6, which pumps 295 hp and a couple of 260 lb-ft. It can think that this is more than enough or can be tempted by the two V8 available.un 5.7L and canBeing able to do it, and can win up to 360 HP and a 390 lb-ft torque. Second place, there are a couple of 475 HP and 470 lb-ft. This engine is standard for the SRT model, which is also equipped with an executionWith four rades.


Durango is not designed as a road outside, but it is surprisingly good on the road.

5. Modern and sophisticated cabin

According to the age of the current generation of Durango, it would be easy to assume that the cabin seems outdated. Nice to run.This SUV also has the largest part of the street and the wind in the wind.

6. Generous loading area

Durango is a very large vehicle, so it offers a lot of space for its equipment. Before the third row you will find 85 cubic feet. The selected models are available with a current elevator door.

7. Drive satisfied on the street

Standard rear traction and a load level suspension are only part of the reason it will love to drive the Durango 2022 with highway speeds. The address is pleasant and receptive, the brakes are strong and the suspension is for mostof most of the average road swelling. The strong transmission train options also make the street easier to make Durango an excellent option for a trip.

8. A large amount of reliability

J.D.Power is a function with which an idea of how reliable it will be a vehicle.They feel safe if they feel safe if they feel safe to spend their money on such a large and expensive vehicle.

9. External project in a fat project

Although Durango is a medium -sized SUV, it may seem sports. Part external design features with the loader and the challenge. From somehow, this vehicle combines the square shape of a SUV with the elegant lines that are normally associated with aMuscle Car if you want to end the citadel, its Durango is compatible with things like external chrome details.

10. Trimm 392 R/T and SRT 392 Sports are funny

R/T and SRT 392 models not only seem sports, but also have the resources required for security. And more.

Reasons not to buy 2022 DODGE DURANGO - Disadvantages

1. Options with the engine headquarters

Great power and thirst engines go hand in hand. This is definitely the case of 2022 durango.com the standard motor and the rear unit.v8 obtains the 14MPG city along with the 22MPG road, and 6.2 l is only 13 MPGof the city and the 19MPG highway.

2. The third row is tight

A third mandard fame is new in Durango and already has the same problem as most medium -sized SUVs. It is easily accessible to the back of this SUV, which parents can enjoy.

3. Very few standard driving attendees

It is admirable that Dodge finally gives the driver of Durango -Uxiliary in his list of standard characteristics. You have a way of talking to the rivals. In new vehicles, they are still reserved for the completion of Durango 2022.

4. The volume hinders maneuver

While Durango is undoubtedly fun to drive on the street, it is a different story when they are in the streets of the city. This great vehicle can be difficult and adjusted road curves may seem almost impossible.

5. The upper surfaces are quite expensive

The basic level of Durango costs about $ 33,000, which is competitive. However, if you achieve a higher end level, you want more than 65,000 US to an exciting performance.

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How this comes to competition:

2022 Dodge Durango contra 2022 Ford Explorer

There are many reasons why Explorer has remained so popular over the years, including soft walking and excellent fuel savings. Explorer also has much more standard and available security technology that can seal the agreement for some families.Durango has a more demanding and comfortable cabin. Durango also has a greater towing capacity than the explorer.

2022 Dodge Durango of 2022 KIA TELLORD

Kia Telluride addresses the driver with his extensive list of standard characteristics and a really impressive guarantee. It is not as powerful as Durango, but some drivers may not be disturbed. Telururo cannot maintain the rhythm of Durango's towing capacity.


The Dodge Durango of 2022 will undoubtedbe the solution.

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