2014 DODGE DURANGO PROS Y CON Cons and cons (2023)


If you buy a family tractor of three lines of $ 45,000, almost all your options (in addition to the largest SUVs) are now based on cars with a transmitter and traction in the front wheel. One of the latest outstanding aspects, theNissan Pathfinder, changed a truck to a car sheet last year. But Dodge Durango essentially remains oneJeep Grand CherokeeWith a longer axis space (119.8 compared to 114.8 inches) and the general length (201.2 compared to 189.8 inches), which are adjusted in a seat in the third row. Is this base of conventional SUVClear advantages? Disadvantages that almost everyone else encouraged to give up this type of vehicle?

The improvements in Dodge Durango for 2014 include new instruments, a new entertainment and entertainment interface and an automatic transmission of eight salaries. 5.7 liters to verify if the new gearbox makes the engine less necessary.

Such clean and liquid lines dated or of good timeless taste?More photos of Durango

Like the outside, the internal style is clean, perhaps for a failure.

Probado: 2014 Dodge Durango

4dr SUV SUV 290 Power PS.

Comparison: 2013 Nissan Pathfinder

4DR SUV 260 Feeding Source 3.5 L V6 CVT 4WD

Why Dodge Durango 2014?

Compared to Pathfinder

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Durango does not drive as a sports car or even a sports sedan. It is too strong and difficult to inspire this analogy.In competitors they are difficult in the nose). In addition to a completely independent suspension and a solid body structure, this contributes to a balanced and balanced European badge.

Even much more expensive (and far)MERCEDES-BENZ GLNot retained, Monger, thanks a stability control system that is very early and very agreed. The Durango system is much less invasive. A Audi Q7 has a stricter dynamic competition, but like Mercedes it costs much more than Dodge.Conventional GM and Ford SUVs are much broader, higher and more heavy and do not feel so sporty.It is so sports to continue driving the street (so Toyota offers the car by carHighlander).

For fertile management enthusiasts who wish to maximize management, Dodge R /T -abits offers Durango (a short walk a few years ago has discovered more potential for entertainment complaints).Although surprisingly nice to drive, Durango R. /T AWD does not ask for testifying fans much more than just limited. It is not this type of vehicle.


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The most current crossovers, including Nissan Pathfinder, are classified as £ 5,000, which is impressed for vehicles with transverse performance points (and, therefore, compact programs, a CVT in the case of Nissan). Structure for a little less,£ 4,700.

Even with its standard V6, the Durango is classified to transport significantly more, 6,200 pounds of trust of confidence a severe load with Durango's greatest obligation, the longitudinal transmission. The standard anti-bala control, which selectively uses brakes to neutralize each influenceCaused by influence, it increases the advantages of the Dodge label.

Controls and instruments

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Almost all automobile creators interfere with innovative control interfaces.The last of Durango Chrysler for 2014-ES is much easier to use among tactile screen-based systems, with large buttons, with large keys, well distributed and logicallyOrganized and quick responses. Redundant conventional controls include three large buttons that are three more than they will find in many of the last systems.

As with other Chrysler products recently launched, the instruments have registered a somewhat reconfiguring LCD under some stylized analogous measurement devices so that part of the LCD screen are quickly seen. These instruments are more impressive in a dart of $ 20,000 US dollars thana US dollar value -$ 40,000 durango.

Rear seat and comfort

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The relatively narrow width of Durango, an advantage for handling, has the opposite influence inside. These are two sides of the same currency, the second row is not so much space to distribute it that in a Nissan Pathfinder can enjoy a few centimetersof shoulder space and only sits in the third row, but still a few centimeters of class leadership.

However, comfort is not just a matter of internal dimensions. Durango's rear lines are good and higher on the floor than the three -line standard. This benefits the support of the thigh and external visibility. Hyundai Santa Fe is notFar in this, but Nissan Pathfinder's seats are much closer to the soil and the most hospitable and hospitable adults (which contains a living rear axle for the 2015 model year) is not close. The third row of the XXS.

On the other side of the book, Durango has a ground higher than the typical base elbow crossover. Among and outside it is not so easy. This leads with the weight of the medium as the upper disadvantage of the conventional SUV configuration of Durango.

External style

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You will not find better proportions or a cleaner style in a crossover or three -line SUV. The opposite of a growing number of competitors will not cause Durango's face to have nightmares.

However, he doubts that the external style under the reasons for the purchase of a Dodge Dodge with a similar appearance was introduced as a model in 2002.

After all, this is a matter of personal taste.

The inner benefits and suffer the same minimalism. The clear lines, but some areas, especially the black finish plaque around the change button, seem excessively soft.

Are you trying to negotiate your vehicle?Get an estimate of how much it is worth.

Why not Dodge Durango 2014?

Compared to Pathfinder
Reliability and durability

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We still do not have enough reliability data for Dodge Durango, but the renewed and closely relatedJeep Grand Cherokee is not right.Curpe the new information and entertainment system, errors in which it can apparently influence the instrument panel. In the tested vehicle, both the audio system and climate renewal generally behave strangers. Chrysler will soon develop a complete correction.Time, there are errors. It is likely to be errors.

There are not two optional characteristics that were problematic in recent years with Grand Cherokee, an air suspension and an overview of the panorama in Durango.

However, the Nissan Pathfinder and Hyundai Santa Fe also needed a number of repairs above the average of their first model. The first defects are not just to dodge.

Address and visibility position

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In traffic, Dodge Durango offers external visibility that people conquered SUV for the first time. They feel higher, the rear is limited by the height of the lower edge of the rear window, but this is typical of the SUVs.

It is not so typical: nose in a parking lot and it is difficult to say compact (sometimes because it is). The detection of background spots and an investment chamber are optional in the basic standard of Thurango, for other finishing levels.

Unusual help with visibility: A button on the Dodge instrument panel falls the third row forward. This can also help control indisciplined passengers of the third row.

Cleaner and less threatening face than today.

The second row is not the broadest, but it is large and comfortable. Bench Padrão, these optional captains.

Softness to walk

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With a long axis space and an independent suspension well adapted in each corner, the Durango drives gently that the typical conventional SUV and seems almost as firm as the best in Europe. This suspension is particularly good with great superficial disorders on the path of thesurface. It has the calm of class leaders, and their ears and intestines will feel a refined vehicle. For this reason, it often finds the quality of driving between the strengths of Durango in other places.

But the little dirty not so secret of conventional SUVs is that even the most hanging walk does not go like cars. Optional tires 265/502 of Durango seem to be huge while working for small potholes and holes.There, together with the inevitable feeling of a lot of mass at stake. This feeling was recorded even more clearly in Mercedes-Benz Gl350 Bluetec. On the other hand, when crossing the undulating surfaces.

Fuel consumption

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The new eight-speed automatic 2014 is the best to achieve a competitive fuel consumption in 3.6-liter V6, but the weight of Durango Awd-Bordstein with £ 5,000 more than 600 more than Pathfinder is a seemingly obvious disability.The 2014 2014 2014 EPA of 17 MPG in the city, 24 MPG Highway are higher than those of 2013, but only for a single pathfinder -mpg, so the lowest weight of the sidewalk and continuous transmission (CVT) continuouslyVariable 19/25.

In my real world tests, Nissan's advantage seemed at least as large as EPA classifications. On Sodges's travel computers, he usually reported average values for high young people, while Nissan was reported on average on average.Better section at the site I observed in Durango compared Nissans 26. No 21 years old.To defend Dodge, I tried it in an unusually cold climate so that the difference in Apple for apples is closer to 12 %, which of the years, which of the classifications the EPA city can propose.

Nissan CVT is not almost an advantage and dodges additional pound is not a disadvantage at the highway cruise, so it is not surprised that the EPA highway number is closer.

Nothing is worth nothing that, although it cannot correspond to Pathfinder, a motor diesel (offered at the Jeep).

Availability of resources

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As mentioned earlier, you cannot receive a camera system to see or recognize obstacles to the Durango. They are optional with associated Jeep Cherokee. During the second line, you can obtain Hyundai Santa Fe during the second line in Nissan Pathfinder and a Panorama sliding roofin a visual camera system around Visual and Glass.

Other resources from Dodge Durango 2014

Compared to Pathfinder
Materials and work

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Depending on the parts of the vehicle you examine, the materials and the Dodge Durango -Ob-Super -SUV suffer from previously observed disabilities) and the noise levels are low. Internal surfaces are mainly soft (in a construction marked in the plastic instruments plate rigid in Pathfinder) and they also look solid.If at least soWell, as the average leather in this price range, those who want luxuriously soft leather should spend a little more for the citadel.

Unfortunately, although they are very ergonomic, buttons and buttons do not help maintain this luxury impression. They seem to be unfounded, Comob.Cheap toys. Reviews for 2014 include the highest grade position, but they did not.


2014 DODGE DURANGO PROS Y CON Cons and cons (12)ImproveWorse

In combination with a five -speed automatic system provided by Mercedes, the 3.6 -liter V6 of V6 3.6 ps of 3.6 HP V6 was not the task of motivating the weight of the curb 2011 to 2013.com. It seems quite strong in the directionTypical and competitive with lighter competitors to V6 (music from the ears of an enthusiastic) and sucks more fuel (open ears music).The speed of V6-Plus. Then you can offer. With the Durango 2014 I recommend V6, with the exception of trailers or SUV (a box of two transfers with two speeds is only available with hemi).

Support and comfort in the front seat

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Durango's moderately solid front seats are comfortable, but you can use a little more contour. It has a similar impression of Pathfinder.Luché to fit in the bay on my particular back.

Battery capacity

2014 DODGE DURANGO PROS Y CON Cons and cons (14)ImproveWorse

Conventional SUVs are not as efficient in space as crossovers and Durango, while a few centimeters longer than a pathfinder, they only contain a little more load volume. It is both for some of them.Behind their third row seats. GM and Ford Cruces and each minivan will serve better.

However, Durango has an ace in the sleeve. Minor what is for updated leather (standard in the citadel, optionally in the entertainment system R/T) or in the rear seat, the front seats forward, they can extend theforward loading area. The instrument panel. Therefore, if you have to load some particularly long objects in the vehicle, the Durango has an advantage over all other crossover and SUV, save the Ford Flex.

Price or payment

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As expected, Dodge Durango is not cheap in view of his luxurious qualities and Weel's cut. The basic model begins at $ 30,790. A citadel with lists of $ 2,795 v8 for $ 53,365.Awd, a premium group of $ 2,395(Pulted 20 -inch wheels, navigation navigation, Hoch -Watt -Audio, sliding roof, energy elevator door), US $ 1,995 at the bottom of the window label.

The tested car also contained a safety and safety group of US $ 1,195 (Xenon automatic darkening headlights, rain detection, inclination steering wheel and Hangery, blind for points monitor, load cover) and chairs of US $ 895.But we ignore them. Functions and their effects on the results because they cannot obtain them in Pathfinder.

Set a Platinum Nissan Pathfinder like this Durango of 44,775 US dollars, and the price of your table almost reaches $ 44,560.Dodge reduces Nissan for about $ 1,500This advantage disappears if you compare the billing prices. Nissan's investment vendors enjoy larger margins so they can give a greater discount for the stimulus of the available factory. In summary, Durango and Pathfinder have a very narrow price.

A Hyundai Santa Fe isApproximately 2,600 US dollars less than the Durango, but it is also smaller. On the other hand, there is a Toyota 4RunnerApproximately 1,700 US dollars more than the DurangoBut it is much less time, and the third optional line is very tight. Conventional three -lines SUVs, especially those of the German premium brand, are much more expensive than Dodge.


The Dodge Durango 2014 offers polished handling and the solid and sophisticated sensation of European premium SUVs at a much lower price (although still well below). With the new eight -speed automatic transmission, the V6 offers competitive performance (ifThis is not the class leader) and fuel consumption. And the comfort of the rear seat is the best of the segment. Although Durango's tour maintains truck advice, much more generally benefits from what he suffers from his conventional bases.

The main reasons to buy a Durango have nothing to do with these basic concepts.

Motor V6 much more competitive in combination with the new automatic of eight similar to eight.

Do not get a premium leather or entertainment system, and the passenger seat would also be folded.

You can find more photos of Dodge Durango 2014

Dodge and Nissan delivered a vehicle for a week with a gas tank.


2014 Dodge Durango pros and cons and cons and cons and cons.Junte -StunnderTo publish your own impressions.

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